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NI rolls out new generation data to collect software
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A few days ago, NI announces formally to roll out new generation data to collect (DAQ) drive software NI-DAQ 7. Use NI-DAQ 7 and band of LabVIEW 7 Express, than before version, the function that can run synchronism rises 100 to 1000 times, and pass the voluntary code unripe success of DAQ assistant finish easily measure.

Control function of instrument of avery kind of independently through drive of instrument of Cheng of a multi-line, for example I/O of imitate input, number and time / timer, the NI-DAQ 7 input amount I/O system is the largest change. When use many equipment function or using many device at the same time, user need not special elementary process designing can speed from 100 times rise to 1000 times. Than before version, the NI-DAQ of new version still nods simple sheet imitate to collected speed to accelerate 20 times. Other drive engine are improved include automatic clock and simplify to spark synchronously course, the mistake that is located in every software part decides a dot to diagnose, and the function that uses NI-DAQ old version on same table computer.

Had use at configuration, test and the DAQ assistant that measure process designing task seesaw pattern function, the engineer can be now in 30 seconds build measure application. DAQ assistant can be mixed LabVIEW 7 Express, measurement Studio 7.0 and LabWindows/CVI 7.0 are not had seam the ground compositive, deploy DAQ system, generate code automatically, implementation data is collected or signal is generated, be analysed next and show data. Sheet is covered muti_function data collects function and tool help to build simpler more orderly code, still can simplify further through these means NI-DAQ 7 measure application. Engineers return the software that can use this anew to establish fictitious channel in LabVIEW, need not develop new software to be able to promote easily from fundamental application.

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