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NI rolls out new generation data to collect a product
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The data that NI announced to roll out new generation on annual NIWeek is collected (equipment of DAQ of series of DAQ) product —M, it is based on chip of brand-new controller of NI-STC 2 system and technology of NI-PGIA 2 amplifier. Data of these series of new fund M collect a product measuring passageway of rate of precision, sampling, I/O to count a respect to reach have new breakthrough, increased former muti_function a lot of function that data collects product place to be not had and character.

New M series data collects equipment to make the price of every passageway I/O was reduced not only 30% , and still reduced measure systematic totle drilling cost, because it uses advanced development tool (include NI-DAQmx to measure service drive software) reduced systematic compose to build time greatly. These 20 equipment are applied to low cost, high-powered with high accuracy application.

M series is muti_function of the ideal that data collects what the expansibility of one a complete set of of the product can make to become test, control and sensor measure application anthology. The core of M series product depends on its brand-new NI-STC 2 synchronism and time controller, number rises 5 times before according to transmitting rate to compare, and can execute 6 operations mission at the same time. M series product still has the design of an innovation, come true inside limits of all input span namely from calibration, will measure precision to raise 5 times, and the calibration M series product period lengthen to 2 years of time. Amplifier of redesigned instrument of gain of process designing of NI-PGIA 2 series shortened greatly setting time, measure accurately in order to ensure in tall sampling the circumstance of rate issues implementation.

In addition, m series data collects equipment to offer channel of 32 18 imitate inputs, 4 16 imitate output, 2 32 tally / timer and line of 48 numbers I/O. Engineers can use a series of this brand-new products to undertake to 32 numbers line hardware times, clock frequency can achieve 10MHz. Product of each M series all contains the NI-DAQmx of newest version to measure service drive software, offer relaxed configuration and agile process designing port for NI LabVIEW, Visual Studio.NET and NI LabWindows/CVI software.

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