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NI releases software of drive of DAQmx basic edition
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Limited company of American state apparatus (abbreviation NI) release newest version NI-DAQmx software of basic edition drive, linux and user of Mac OS X can use data of 80 kinds of NI to gather facility (include series of newest 26 kinds of NI M muti_function DAQ equipment) will develop applied program. To using operating system of Mac OS X or Linux (use kernel the version of 2.6) for engineer and scientist, NI-DAQmx 1.5 basic edition developed the advantage —— of M series adequately to include taller precision and sampling rate, and more I/O.

NI-DAQmx basic edition can download freely from Www.ni.com, it provides the one part function of NI-DAQmx Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and Pocket PC operating system. Engineer and scientists can use the process designing tool that uses easily simply to undertake simple applied process is developed, use at measuring, signal is generated, digital I/O and tally / timer operation, also can change development environment with NI LabVIEW graph at the same time close together ground is compositive. Software of drive of NI-DAQmx 1.5 basic edition also included likeness of software of as complete as NI-DAQmx edition but off-the-peg used program and Cheng of C function exemple.

Linux and user of Mac OS X can use NI-DAQmx basic edition to come M series muti_function the advanced technique of DAQ equipment and their application is united in wedlock. M series equipment includes —— of newest NI-STC 2 chip it departs a few chip is compositive to be in thereby in alone ASIC less space is obtained more the function of actor, and it reduced —— of newest technology of NI-PGIA 2 amplifier to be measured accurately what stabilization period realized faster scanning rate to fall thereby greatly. DAQ equipment also offerred M series to reach channel of 32 18 imitate inputs, 4 16 imitate output, 2 32 tally / timer and line of 48 numbers I/O. The trade with these new very global to Mac OS X and Linux operating system property (be like government and school) it is very beneficial.

NI uses NI to measured hardware DDK to build software of drive of NI-DAQmx basic edition, and it is almost software of the development in developing an environment is converted in graph of much platform LabVIEW. Concise and agile architecture makes it OK software of drive of basic edition of apace development NI-DAQmx, use at other operating system and equipment thereby.

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