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3.9 billion dollar buys Motolora dispatch treasure
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Be without omen ground to be carried out to dispatch treasure science and technology after buying, what is? But come round to look from eye, motolora is seeking the new gain market outside mobile phone market.

On September 25, 2006, motolora company announces formally external, already signed amalgamative agreement formally with company of dispatch treasure science and technology. According to this agreement, motolora agrees to buy dispatch treasure with the value ready money of every 15 dollars all already issued a share. The total amount that trades this is 3.9 billion dollar about.

Dispatch treasure science and technology is a what kind of company, be worth Motolora to touch war greatly so? As we have learned, dispatch treasure science and technology is provider of solution of a mobile business affairs, basically involve design, development and make the product that uses Yu Duan to solution of upright company shift and system. In addition, this company scope of business still includes, consolidate mobile computation, advanced data is collected, radio frequency identifying (RFID) , wireless infrastructure and shift administration.

Be opposite this of dispatch treasure communication buying is Motolora buys current equipment company with 17 billion dollar from 2000 (General Instrument) the biggest brushstroke since trades. Motolora president holds Zhan De of • of presiding apparitor Edward concurrently to say, by right of the “ of science and technology that dispatch treasure brings we will have opportunity and whole world numerous enterprise begins mobile Internet professional work. ”

Depend on pair of dispatch treasure science and technology buy, can this one new strategy of Motolora gain the success in expect?

Scare buying depends on seeking new business

Dispatch treasure science and technology is in domain of wireless radio frequency and in the enterprise the advantage of sphere of device of wireless local area network, it is the fat in eye of the person that buy all the time. As we have learned, in sphere of device of wireless local area network, the income of dispatch treasure science and technology is ranked in global market the 2nd, be next to Cisco.

Dispatch treasure science and technology is some earlier this year after moment announces to sell intent, a few industries express to buy intention to it in succession. With Motolora a competition buys dispatch treasure science and technology, still have the magnate such as IBM and NCR. Nevertheless, in the contention with these competitors, motolora laugh arrived finally.

As we have learned, of Motolora buy valence to add up to every 15 dollars. Fast treasure science and technology has 5200 stuff, the gain 2005 is 32.3 million dollar, sales revenue is 1.77 billion dollar. Motolora has 69000 stuff, the net gain 2005 is 4.58 billion dollar, sales revenue is 36.84 billion dollar.

After finishing pair of dispatch treasure science and technology to buy, a form code scanner that its company produces, hold the product such as equipment of computer, wireless network, will become a branch below Motolora network and company business, headquarters still stays in Holtsville. Predict this trades will make the Canopy of Motolora wireless the Wi-Fi that receives product of system, WiMax and dispatch treasure and confluence of RFID product photograph.
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