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NI rolls out CompactDAQ of portable test system
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Limited company of American state apparatus (National Instruments, abbreviation NI) announce to roll out brand-new those who be based on USB is modular data collects systematic ——NI CompactDAQ. NI CompactDAQ is one suits to be on spot of workbench, project and product line mix into travel sensor electric measured new-style actor chooses platform. This system offerred box of a 8 chamfer, its I/O module can realize signal of mechanical and the electric, physics that is as high as 256 passageways, harmonic wave below individual system measure. Through the handy sex USB interface Plug and Play and modular of the instrument high-powered be united in wedlock with flexibility photograph, bulk is cabinet, use handy and the NI CompactDAQ with reasonable price can realize fast, accurate measurement the task.

“USB interface is used easily simply with its and in modern electronics popularize a gender, had received very wide application at present. The design concept of NI CompactDAQ made full use of namely at present the bandwidth of interface of high speed USB, be aimed at notebook computer user and client to all fall dimension and power comsumption to the demand of portable sex the smallest. ”NI president, CEO holds one of NI author concurrently the USB interface photograph that Dr. James Truchard shows to the high speed data with powerful “ collects function and user to be used easily familiarly, simply is united in wedlock, check an engineer or no matter be of expert class,making is user of begin to learn can be in this is benefited in the system anew. ”

This one brand-new the system is measured to include voltage, temperature, pressure, sound and vibration to wait provided function of join sex, signature manage, and digital I/O and switch. All module are to be able to be heated up insert unplug, the setting that and can be simplifies undertakes detecting automatically, in the meantime, these module still were offerred be as high as 2, the segregation of 300 Vrms protects the security that with ensuring the user reachs its personal computer. This system offerred signal of 4 special USB to flow for synchronous imitate and digital I/O, in order to apply to the application of all sorts of great data bulk such as such as sound and test of automation of oscillatory, mixture signal and high speed data logging. In addition, the bulk of NI CompactDAQ has volume of 25 Cm X 9 Cm X 9 Cm only, power source choice is very agile also (communicate or the 11 dc to 30 bend over) , because this is applied to extensively for example the car carries, in the project such as table and automation test application.

NI CompactDAQ system and NI-DAQmx drive software, measure service software with etc other at the same time put on sale, a series of this powerful tool combination will make systematic compose is built become more fast and simple. For example, configuration of a seesaw pattern and Cheng of exemple of test face plate can fall setting time least, in addition the data logging software that has included to be based on configuration mediumly in the product can help an user need not the record that process designing can achieve data works. The user program interface that NI-DAQmx measures service software to still include to open (API) , use at the language such as NI LabVIEW, C/C , Visual Basic 6 and Microsoft Visual Studio.NET and DAQ Assistant (DAQ Assistant is offer by NI, the guide exemple of the successive that is used at generating LabVIEW code automatically Cheng) .
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