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Sai Lingsai rolls out introduction of new generation SPARTAN-3AN to cover
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Sai Lingsai announces introduction of low cost Spartan-3AN is covered today begin to offer. This it is the broadband is received, box of top of digital indication screen, machine, data is collected and shift of low power comsumption and hold the need such as equipment more expensive system is compositive spend or the good choice that the big batch blame of safety performance breaks applied prototype easily to design.

Product of series of Spartan-3 of “ new generation breaks solution of sexual odd chip easily to need to be not and sensitive to the space application was offerred the most agile, reliable with the solution with highest cost effectiveness. Market of ministry of current product of company of ” Sai Lingsai and Harry Raftopoulos of applied chief inspector say, “Spartan-3AN introduction covers a characteristic that opens box to be used namely, reflected us to devote oneself to to provide the development cause of a low cost, environment that goes to the lavatory to be used easily for the client. ”

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