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Beautiful magazine judges a scientific talent of 10 big United States
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A few days ago, the United States " masses science " the magazine is judged gave the 6th year ” of scientific talent of “ of 10 big United States. On our newspaper period introduced 5 among them scientists, the astronomer that includes to search for new planet Jiasipa · Ba Kesi, the Fulangsi of the circumstance after Jinunisi, benefit forecasts black hole barge against with the computer holds the A Erfu Lei Duo · of antagonism brain cancer in the palm in · general.

This period the introduction is other 5 young scientists.

· of 6. case Lei Ge Aisina

(Greg Asner)

Mapping Great Master

39 years old, hold post is able to bear or endure at Stanford university card base academy

What his development goes a kind to undertake mapping to some environment is the fastest most new method of the system.

15 years ago, aisina comes to · of case Lei Ge to Hawaiian natural groove guard to be engaged in mapping working. At the beginning he is full of enthusiasm, however he lost heart very quickly, because he discovers, right so what the management of a big natural groove guard relies on is mapping domain actually a few experts are dispersive and finite data, the job rises special inconvenience.

After 15 years, aisina mastered the data in the sky with the most advanced whole world to collect a technology, than allowing when to be awaited before faster more systematically mapping is worn big forest.

Nowadays, aisina is driving everyday transport of stone's throw of multipurpose of ” of “ double otter undertakes mapping in headroom of Hawaiian natural groove guard, working ability surmounted Landsat of satellite of American geological survey far.

The scanning of laser of collect of advanced mapping system that Aisina develops, exceed chart and system of control and guide at a suit, not only can mapping goes out small to sheet arboreous whole forest structure, and can the chemical appearance of mapping forest. For instance, the water that can explore some area is measured, use thereby forecast drought; Can explore the chroma of the carbon in the forest, use project of adjusting control forest thereby, antagonism whole world is calefacient.

The most important is, use advanced science and technology of Aisina, mapping limits of a day can achieve 161 square kilometer. Be less than a year, he had surrendered many mapping map, helped Hawaiian natural groove guard be controlled effectively inbreak species.

Sa of · of Gu En of · of 7. Ai Ming if

(Emin Gün Sirer)

Internet rehabilitate person

36 years old, university of Er of Nai of hold post Yu Kang

He is to solve information age all sorts of difficulty are miscellaneous the connoisseur old hand of disease and common disease.
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