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Microsoft builds data center in Siberia
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The message occupied foreign media coverage on November 27, russia media announces a message to say, software tycoon Microsoft will be in Russia mid compose builds Siberia a data center of 10 thousand servers. Allegedly 5 Microsoft had signed the contract that in library of Russia Yi Er second gram area builds data center last week.

Microsoft (Russia) Andrei Gubov of assistant of ground warden official announced presiding apparitor Birger Steen and Yierkucike this one plan. Report of Kommersant of daily of Russia finance and economics says, the energy that the data center of Microsoft needs every year is 50MW, microsoft chooses to build data center in this one area, basically consider the value of the sources of energy over there is inferior and extraordinary stability.

Although the carry consummate of data center this at present not quite clear, but presiding apparitor expresses, about with Ireland 100 thousand servers are annual the charge photograph of 500 million dollars is similar.

Microsoft did not provide the detail of amount of employee of this data center. In winter, the temperature of Russia Siberia area can be reduced centigrade 50 degrees the following. Apparent, because air temperature is lower, the data center of Microsoft comes loose only heat up can managing and much fare.

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