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Chinese oscillograph market did not make the same score to rise again 2007
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It may be said of Chinese oscillograph market was not made the same score 2007, one rises again. Foreign oscillograph tycoon, domestic manufacturer assembles in Chinese market, deduce one act jointly 07 regale. Sai Di adviser predicts dimensions of Chinese oscillograph market achieved 765 million yuan 2007, grew 22.2% 2006 compared to the same period.

Review 2007, chinese oscillograph market basically appears a the following feature:

Produce category to fasten diversity, digital oscillograph becomes the mainstream

Chinese oscillograph market was tasted newly 2007 emerge in endlessly, each new product type that big firm rolls out him in succession. If real time oscillograph, hand-held oscillograph mixes the number,mix signal oscillograph to wait, and in numerous product category, the number stores oscillograph holds market main trend gradually.

Technical progress drives oscillograph to change directional development to digitlization, intelligence. Digital oscillograph surmounts imitate oscillograph in the round gradually on function, and hold the advantage of an imitate oscillograph concurrently, like taller measurement precision and sampling are led, stronger function. Sai Di adviser predicts, oscillograph of number of Chinese oscillograph market will hold the market share of 83.5% 2007, make the mainstream product of the market, imitate oscillograph falls to 13.7% , roll out mainstream market gradually.

Channel popularizes formal diversification, core advantage becomes a key

Domestic and international 2007 do one's best of respect of the construction of each big oscillograph firm in market channel, promotion, each shows special prowess, and show diversification develop. Tai Keli is in with its the acknowledge with oscillograph extensive field is spent and brand loyalty is spent, continue to advance triumphantly in Chinese market, enclothe channel lake of 9 rivers, overgrown with weeds to wait 3, 4 class city. An Jielun uses its powerful whole actual strength and dominant position, through survey discussion, communication the form such as the meeting and user of all sorts of technology association, industry, partner has thorough communication and collaboration, with period hold market pulse, grab market chance. RIGOL depends on native land advantage, develop dealer energetically, establish native land brand.

The backside that in diversity of channel of Chinese oscillograph market type develops, what can see core advantage becomes numerous manufacturer channel to choose is crucial. Advantage of this kind of core is technical level no matter, brand loyalty still belongs to management or other side, become the crucial factor that the manufacturer must consider when undertaking channel is popularized.   
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