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NI is newest roll out 10 Wi-Fi and aether net data to gather facility
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Limited company of American state apparatus (National Instruments, abbreviation NI) rolled out 10 brand-new Wi-Fi and aether net data to gather facility recently (DAQ) , can check NI hardware and software platform to expand wireless telemonitoring applies. New-style and wireless collected equipment to include with aether net data inside believe date recuperation, OK date of will electric, physics, mechanical harmonic mail message and sensor join directly.

Engineer and scientist can collect NI wireless data (Wi-Fi DAQ) equipment and conformity of platform of NI LabVIEW software are together, on the base that does not reduce performance, reduce wiring cost, increase flexibility, satisfy pair of wireless structures to diagnose, the need that environment and machine condition monitor application.

NI data collects with control John Hanks of mart vice president points out: “ collects software to be able to be used with the NI data at LabVIEW, ANSI C/C and Visual Basic.NET collect the millions on the world the data of sensor. Use NI Wi-Fi data to collect hardware now, development staff can be in new or fill on existing test application add wireless sensor function, and need not learn new software.

Use the IEEE 802.11 level of wireless network, new-style NI Wi-Fi data collects equipment to be able to be on every passageway with 24 resolution and the sampling rate that are more than 50 KS/s, undertake data is transmitted. Wi-Fi data is collected
Market equipment will measure data to convey to go up to lead plane in real time, so that have real time to dynamic sensor signal,be examined and online analysis. In addition, inside Jiamidi offerred the method of advanced network test and verify of buy and 128 AES highest commercial network is safe, satisfied by American state level and technical orgnaization (NIST) the safe level that uses in the in American government orgnaization wireless network that offers.

Wireless technology collected NI data hardware and software technology to expand wiring very difficult or it is cost extremely tall new-style distributed, portable in measuring application. The extensive applicability of the flexibility that LabVIEW graph changes process designing and Wi-Fi network system makes will wireless sensor is measured join new-style or show some to be based on PC survey a system or become very simple in control system. Should get more the information about equipment, examine next watches please.

Wi-Fi and aether net data gather facility software of accessary NI-DAQmx driver and NI LabVIEW SignalExpress LE, it is need not process designing, use at be being collected quickly to take, the alternant form that analyse and releases data data logging software. NI-DAQmx driver can save time, the NI data that is based on configuration for example collects assistant, can generate LabVIEW code and text language code. In addition, it still offerred more than 3000 to measure exemple Cheng, equipment to emulate, hookup, and the compatibility with LabVIEW, ANSI C/C , C# , Visual Basic.NET and Visual Basic 6.0.
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