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Civilian ability for military use advances construction of national defence info
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Progress ceaselessly in informatization, world new war changes to develop flourishingly today, "Civilian ability for military use " the strategic position that action already rose to the thing to close legionary informatization to build process and national people safety. Can see from inside Iraqi war, the U.S. Army used the technology that a large number of private sector develop and product, "Civilian ability for military use " the trend that already made cannot be held back, lead world war industry great nation eagerly angle.

The United States is ensured through code, introduce competitive fashion, quicken " civilian ability for military use " the step that urges construction of informatization of its national defence. England reforms military standard, advocate civil standard energetically, drive advanced civil technology to be military service ceaselessly; French innovation purchases method and martial scientific research, quicken enterprise of the army and the people to recombine; Japan prevents the like a raging fire that unifinication of industrial the army and the people has. According to estimation of expert of American military affairs, the IT 70%~80% that place of system of prospective informatization weaponry needs comes from civil IT, only 20%~30% comes from IT of for military use.

Why " civilian ability for military use " be favorred so? "Civilian ability for military use " not only OK and much managing scientific research produces military expenditure expenditure, reduce investment risk, shorten informatization equipment line holds time, still will promote civilian battalion the development of IT enterprise, for legionary informatization construction provides mighty power. The expert thinks: "Civilian ability for military use " be a kind " double win " the strategy, great to army ground both sides and construction meaning, it is the strategic act that carries out new war to change, underlying demand that is construction informatization army. We ought to draw lessons from mature practice of abroad, according to military situation of our country national condition, make full use of the high-tech positive result that obtains in our country civil domain, accelerate new and high technology to unit combat effectiveness change, advance those who realize weaponry to span ceaselessly type develops.

Report of 16th National Congress of Communist Party of China points out clearly: "Deepen system of industry of national defence science and technology to reform, hold to contain army at civilian, build perfect competition, evaluation, supervise and incentive mechanism, enhance own innovation ability, accelerate national defence science and technology and weaponry development. Perfect national defence arouses system, develop the strategic tactics of war of the people below hi-tech condition. " at present, army is advancing Chinese characteristic military affairs actively to change, in order to build informatization army, dozen win informatization war to be a target, put development informatization equipment and construction of national defence informatization in prominent place, take a civil and advanced electron IT seriously to turn very for for military use, quicken the pace that informatization builds. The high-tech product that is bibcock with IT and enterprise are producing main effect, advance army to arrive from mechanization the strategic transition of informatization. Civil IT and change quickly of martial communication technology, made significant contribution for growth of high speed of economy of construction of national defence informatization, countryman, raise the integral level of our country informatization and communication technology a new high level. 30 years in the past, construction of informatization of our country national defence is in training of control of navigation of safety of martial communication, network, satellite, command, simulation, satellite is measured accuse, martial content flows, the domain such as the computer obtained striking change, pass the collaboration with civil high-tech enterprise, partial technology all reached world banner level. Develop a process to advance legionary informatization, implementation industry lasts healthy harmony develops; How to introduce mature, advanced civil IT system of information of our country national defence, transform through equipment, the means such as technical promotion, own innovation, make safer, reliable, effective, it is a worth while and thorough research and the topic that discuss.
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