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30 years of happy event see reforming and opening construction of informatizatio
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Editor's note: 1978, 11 of the party 3 in plenary meeting blow the bugle of Chinese reforming and opening. People liberation army reforms the situation of tide by the country, entered reform period. Come 30 years, reform was not interrupted all the time, make Chinese army was moved toward from motorization " mechanization and informatization " span type develops level, square field surface saw national defence modernization gain the success that attract worldwide attention. Current, the developed country regards the main goal of military modernization as informatization, visible, informatization war will become the main battle form of 21 centuries. In happy event see reforming and opening of our country past 30 years while national defence informatization builds brilliant success, to chase the world newest military affairs develops tide, our country builds what how strengthen national defence informatization pace, deepen reform, be worth us thoughtful.

New period of report from our correspondent, fight legionarily means and fight the method presents a brand-new appearance, warlike configuration also from mechanization to informatization evolution, informatization is becoming the multiplier of military combat effectiveness. The thalassic war 1991, show the embryonic form of informatization war. Of degree of informatization of the air force in Iraqi war, naval tall, adumbrative " informatization war " the times has come. Look again, worldwide new war revolution has undertaken getting like a raging fire, if where position of the race to control in tide of new war revolution, china should hit the high-tech that wins informatization condition to fall local war, must equip development informatization to be put in outstanding and significant position with construction of national defence informatization. Current, army is advancing Chinese characteristic military affairs actively to change, in order to build informatization army, dozen win informatization war to be a target, stepped the pace that quickens informatization development.

30 years innovatory our country prevents informatization to build steadily before row

1978 as the Communist Party of China 11 3 in plenary meeting is held, our country enters reforming and opening and socialism to build new period. The historical requirement with Deng Xiaoping new ground, creativity ground put forward new period army to build an idea, military modernization entered a new historical level. Of the same age, horse and foot starts battle to direct automation project. Construction of my army informatization is inchoative at the direct of 70 time end automation is built, system of Chinese information processing of the first computer of our country, was my army and even construction of our country informatization to lay a foundation.

1983, army of new period of Xiaoping of Deng of basis of the Central Military Commission builds the directive that guiding ideology strategy transforms, a few motorization choose in troops of my army army army rebuild mechanization a group army. Prove through relapsing, on April 1, 1984, my army was born mechanization a group army, the mark wears what Chinese army moved toward modernization army synthesis of arm of services.
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