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Measuring radio listening (BSM) to lead the data acquisition technology innovati
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September 15, 2010, from around the country more than 50 provincial and municipal radio and television groups, Radio and Television, radio, magazines and other representatives and experts and scholars gathered at the "Peacock of the town" Dehong, Yunnan to jointly participate in and witnessed by SMR Media Research's "measuring radio listening (BSM) technology innovation and application of customer '2010 SMR Forum and Annual Meeting."
The conference was the "China Advertising" magazine, Yunnan People's Broadcasting Station, Dehong Media Group's strong support, and more than 50 radio stations nationwide enthusiasm for participation. Leaders attending the meeting are: Yunnan Radio deputy editor Mr. Lei Ji, Dehong Media Group Vice President Mr. Han Qixiang, deputy editor of Hunan Broadcasting Group, Mr. Ji Sheng Bo, Tianjin Radio, director of Mr. Du Yuzao editor, Shandong Radio Miss Xu Hui, director of Editor, Broadcasting Press and Publication Bureau of Taizhou, Mr. Chen Bing, Deputy Secretary, Director of Radio Beijing R & D Center Mr. Wang Wei, as well as president of SMR Research Group, Mr. Huang Xueping, SMR Media Research vice president Miss Liang Yulin, SMR Mr. Niu, general manager of Beijing there are other, including the central station, Radio Beijing, Shanghai radio station in Hubei, Hunan Radio, Shandong Province, the municipal radio and television stations and other groups, radio stations and more than 50 units, including 100 guests attended the meeting.
The meeting by the tournament director of marketing, media research Fong Miss Huang Caihong chaired the meeting revolved around the context of media convergence in the development of China's Future of Radio, China Radio Market Outlook 2011 radio ratings survey instruments as well as the innovation and application testing , radio listening survey data measuring instrument, measuring radio listening diary card and other traditional radio ratings data collection methods and complementary contrast, how to select the BSM or other data collection methods to obtain more objective, scientific data and other issues discussion. To discover the radio listening to radio listening survey measuring radio markets in China and even the development of opportunities and challenges. The majority of my colleagues in the broadcasting and advertising executives are concerned about.

This forum is rich in content, new ideas, fitting the development of China's actual situation of the broadcasting industry, has been widely acclaimed guests, many guests took the initiative during the conference researchers SMR SMR analysis of radio listening and viewing, so the meeting become a very good communication and exchange platform. Guests are the theme of this meeting measuring radio listening (BSM) has a deep understanding of technological innovation, and hope to better access and understanding of radio listening meter (BSM), agreed that radio listening meter (BSM) is listen to the important statistical methods of data rate of innovation and application of statistical data collection rate is listen to the great technological revolution, directly contributed to the listening figures for the statistics towards the scientific development of standardized and accurate data.
Devon Media Group, Mr. Vice President, Mr. Han Qixiang attended the meeting, and on behalf of the people of the host radio station in Dehong welcoming remarks at the conference. Han Qixiang president first "broadcast listening Meter (BSM) technology innovation and application of customer '2010 SMR Forum and the annual" grand opening congratulated the guests to attend the meeting on behalf of a warm welcome. He spoke highly of measuring radio listening to this collection of cutting-edge technology to bring technological innovation, and the SMR in the study broadcasting, services, radio broadcasting and promote the business and innovation efforts and contributions made. At the same time introduced the guests to the many splendours of Dehong Prefecture, hope that in the limited time is about feeling infinite charm of Dehong Prefecture.
Yunnan People's Broadcasting Station Mr. Lei Ji, deputy editor in taking the time to attend the meeting, and on behalf of Tan Xingang Director welcoming remarks at the opening ceremony. Broadcasting from colleagues around the country gathered Mans warm welcome and sympathy, while the guests are introduced to Yunnan in recent years in the type of radio broadcasting experience and advertising to promote the rapid development of business process. Mr. Lei Ji said in his speech, this year to establish good cooperation with the SMR, Yunnan Radio and gradually establish and improve a program evaluation system, the introduction of the program production and internal distribution of a competitive mechanism, assessment mechanisms, effective in promoting the competitiveness of the program and Taiwan's advertising revenue. Mr. Lei Ji in the voice of experience, the delegates won warm applause.

SMR Research Group President, SMR Research, general manager of Mr. Huang Xueping media representatives delivered a speech at the conference organizers. Huang Xueping president on behalf of SMR and SMR Research Group Media Research, SMR Beijing company, to attend the meeting of the leaders and guests a warm welcome and cordial sympathy, for the success of this meeting to give support and help Yunnan People's Broadcasting Station, Dehong Media Group and the "China Advertising" magazine to express my heartfelt thanks and support over the past years SMR, trust, and help our customers to extend my sincere thanks!
Mr. Huang Xueping said in his speech, SMR, and services specifically targeted as a professional in the broadcast media, research institutions, 10 years, courtesy of friends of the national broadcasting trust, support and help, SMR has been working hard to do everything, and built the largest listening figures for radio ratings survey network and database, leading the Chinese broadcast market research, and go hand in hand with our customers, and jointly promote the continuous development of China's broadcasting market.
SMR Research in the field of broadcasting in the original market share of 70% based on the expansion of another, brand influence and credibility of the market survey data has also been further improved. SMR 2010 is a very important growth and development of the year, after years of efforts, learn from foreign technology and absorption measuring instrument based on the latest electronic technology, SMR successfully developed a "measuring radio listening" ( Broadcast surveying meter, referred to as "BSM"), and to promote the use of the official. Measuring radio listening (BSM) full use of modern technology to listen to more scientific and objective investigation rate, so that more realistic and accurate survey data. Hope that through this meeting discussion, let the guests on the BSM as well as the broadcasting industry radio ratings survey for the value and effectiveness of in-depth understanding of and appropriate judgments, and jointly promote the BSM in our listening figures for the extensive use of areas of investigation, for listening rate investigation in a more scientific, standardized, data accuracy development.
SMR media research there is general manager of Beijing, Mr. Niu "BSM measuring radio listening - radio ratings survey instruments innovation" as its theme, delivered a brilliant speech at the meeting.
Measuring instrument with the traditional radio listening diary card of what is the difference? What measuring radio listening significant characteristics? With 10 years of experience in the rating and research, Mr. cattle there, with its rich research experience and survey of radio listening rates a thorough understanding of data collection methods, interpretation of the use of measuring radio listening survey method to be a listening rate the theme of historical necessity. His keynote speech "radio ratings survey of innovative means," stressed, investigation techniques with the development of the broadcasting industry, listening rate survey every innovation in technology have brought the industry to listen to Rate a profound revolution. Measuring radio listening (BSM) with advanced, objectivity, accuracy, efficiency, openness, scalability, reliability, portability features. Measuring radio listening (BSM) the introduction of radio listening will effectively change the current investigation a single "Diary Cards" mode, radio listening survey data to achieve major reforms in acquisition mode, radio ratings survey for the Chinese to bring another major technological revolution . Mr. Niu there are domestic and foreign technology in the presentation by contrast, in simple terms describes the listening figures for the history of changes in survey methodology, as well as measuring radio listening today, the need for the birth. Vision researchers to broadcast to the delegates shared the view of new data acquisition technology, so that participants gain a great deal.
SMR Media Research vice president Miss Liang Yulin as we interpret the "measuring instrument with diary cards Comparative Analysis of survey data" to the topic. Measuring radio listening is the result of years of effort, measuring from abroad and the latest electronic technology based on science and technology research and development of its fall. Investigation of radio measuring instrument with diary cards and the traditional method where the difference is? To this end, SMR in Guangzhou two surveys for synchronous investigation.
By measuring radio listening diary cards collected data and comparing the data collected, methods of operation from the two collection processes, key indicators of data, the discussion to arrive at data collected by radio meter is more accurate, more detailed data, radio listening is also a market leader in future data collection methods. Clarity, layers of penetration, a detailed display of the radio listening market cutting-edge technological innovations. Liang Yulin, director of impassioned speech, the delegates received a warm response and applause.
"Measuring radio listening (BSM) technology innovation and application of Summit & Annual Meeting '2010 SMR client" in September 18, 2010 successfully concluded.

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