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Chinese government websites in 2010 into the integrated data collection phase o
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Guomai e-News Network October 26, 2010 '(Second) Performance Assessment and the Chinese government websites Government websites fifth selection activities with Chinese characteristics into the data collection phase. Recently, routine monitoring has been completed, integrated Data collection was officially launched together. Government website evaluation Guomai Internet Research Center of the professional reviewer in accordance with the requirements of national government websites target a comprehensive data collection, audit, covering the central ministries, provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) State and city and county (city) district, township streets and other government websites. Meanwhile, the government website also features material collected simultaneously. Guomai Official Website of e-government network special set "Online Registration" platform (Www.echinagov.com/gov/special/special47/zxbm.html), the unit can provide government site features online material, it is learned that the government website to introduce ourselves with the recommended features will be the end of October 31. In addition , Representatives of various government websites and e-government best platform for enterprises to enroll by the end of this release the results of the meeting. Government website evaluation from Guomai Internet Research Center has learned that 2010 '(Second) Performance Assessment and the Chinese government website Government website with Chinese characteristics and selection of the fifth conference will be Dec. 8 in Beijing kicked off a grand , When the Internet will be exclusively released Guomai "2010 Development of the Chinese government website reported."
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