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CV Morning Reading: data collection into the soft underbelly of film and telev
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Gentlemen, today we talk about the investment bank first thing. This year Chinese enterprises in the global capital markets can be quite active, particularly in the fourth quarter, although just over half, but the number of Chinese enterprises and financing in the amount of IPO stocks have created a record quarter for nearly three years. Related, in the IPO underwriting result of domestic investment banks are also making substantial returns. According to the Chinese investment market leading institutional investors in the Information Group, the latest statistics database products CVSource, November 1, 2009 to October 31, 2010, a total of 451 Chinese companies landing the global capital markets IPO, raised a total of $ 124,541,000,000, The investment banks involved in underwriting 175. Among them, Mainland China-based investment bank has 66, and its underwriting business mainly in the A shares and Hong Kong stock market. Top of a large brokerage said: "The total funding contribution of nearly 六成 by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, power for the Shenzhen SME Board and the GEM distribution of high price-earnings ratio, high raise funds and high issue price of the listed bulk-driven tide." On the other hand, it seems investment bankers in Hong Kong, Mainland China to gradually reduce the large enterprise resources, funding halo is fading, the recent IPO in Hong Kong to actively recruit overseas, "the concept of Russia's hydroelectric power companies and the Brazilian public hearing by Sateri, respectively, end of this month and will be available in early. " Although the overall view, the form is excellent. But the investment bank was faced with a problem. With the recent sponsors of this year, the sixth training session, regulators have called for three consecutive months "gatekeeper" training for IPO issues, and so dense in the past few and far between. Regulators believe that the current data collection IPO consulting investment bank has become a weakness. Department heads that "no data no data, not to mislead investors." Regulators also said that, if there is no objective reality of the data for support, can not disclose the data. If you use third-party data, must pay attention to whether the public report, the agency what to do for the industry reports, competitor information to be disclosed more clearly in order to avoid bad reactions. Investment banks have also begun to get rid of "lazy" habit of buying the data, in addition to select third-party organizations in more cautious, the investment banks are quietly implementing their own data collection. Relevant responsible person said, "our own business staff through open publications, media reports about the data." At the same time, sponsor agencies in data processing, also increased the intensity of audits. Look at investment. Once considered obscure animal husbandry, is become the object of capital chasing. In the eyes of institutional investors, is now doing a professional supplier of raw milk production, but also a are both "the future" also "Money" thing. United Technology Co., Ltd. Inner Mongolia milk has recently completed its first round financing. Including four or five deep venture capital institutions, including injection of a total of nearly 128 million of funds used to expand the company's livestock business. Institutional investors not only spotted this and pastoral areas of close contact with the consumer goods market, but also like to invest in large, traditional energy companies. Recently one of the five power generation companies and the World Huadian Group yesterday Fu (Tianjin) equity investment fund management companies Huadian Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd. signed the capital increase agreement, the specific amount has not been announced. Under the agreement, the Huadian Coal Industry Financing proceeds will be used to increase efforts to develop the coal and related industries, to achieve the goal to enter the capital market. Yesterday, two of Intel's news. First, their joint Heiner Asian venture capital funds, and marketing management solutions provider to win sales through Software Technology Beijing Co., Ltd. signed a funding agreement. Managing Director of Intel Capital China, Xu Shengyuan that with China's consumer market continues to expand and develop, the use of mobile communication terminals and digital consumption patterns of a combination of emerging, innovative and efficient marketing management techniques and solutions will be winning gold in the field key. Second, they are at the 11th annual Intel Capital CEO Summit announced 18 new investment projects, total investment of 7,700 million U.S. dollars. These new investment projects in 11 countries around the world and regions, including Brazil, China, Germany, India, Israel, Malaysia, Netherlands, Russia, China Taiwan, Ukraine and the United States. October 26, the GEM has a new shares in listed Chinese film and television policy, following the A shares, "the film the first unit" Huayi Brothers film and television industry is listed after the birth of "TV series first unit." Chinese policy making the rich effect of Film and Television film industry once again become a hot topic, "small workshop" type of film and television companies overnight. In addition to Chinese film market policies touched the nerve outside the film and television industry, there have been several well-known companies listed on the progress of the process has attracted the attention PolyBona 100 million yuan has been completed the second round of financing, may be at the end of the United States IPO; on the video , West shadow, light, media, also revealed the intention of listing. The other hand, the influx of a large number of PE capital have also created the prosperity of film and television industry, there are Sequoia Capital, Softbank, IDG New Media Fund, the China Film Foundation, A3 International Asian Film Fund, the "iron pool" Private Film Fund One video of a multivessel cultural industry funds have to participate in the Fund's investment in film and television industry, and Noah also raised a wealth of recent film and television culture in the new fund. But there's a huge film and television industry, the investment risk is still so difficult for large funds to enter. "In fact, we have no clear IDG has invested so much film, in the end how much money the the." IDG, a film and television industry sources claimed that prior to China's media fund to invest in China Film Group productions in the "future police" heavy losses . For other film companies, the headache is not only investors but also hesitant. Be built into the Huayi Brothers 'movie first unit', the second strategy listed China Television occupies 'TV first unit' of the title, they can create what concept?
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