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Chang e II is expected to be completed today the first lunar data collection "
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Chief designer of Chang'e Li to the ground application system introduced yesterday, at present, Chang'e II is 100 km from the lunar orbit, the Moon about 7-meter-resolution CCD image data acquisition, which is expected to be completed today, the lunar surface Data collection for the first time, "close", the next six months, then gradually add the data acquisition, expected to complete resolution of about 7 meters, covering the whole of the moon's image map. This will be the world's clearest and highest resolution a "full month's map." According to Lunar Exploration, introduced yesterday, chief scientist Ouyang, Chang'e launch third phase will launch base in Hainan Wenchang, China's launch of a manned lunar landing in Hainan will also be carried out. The three lunar device too much, need to develop a new rocket, currently the new Long March 5 rocket has been developed.
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