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Huayue You linking production data acquisition system
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Solution Overview Computer applications in the manufacturing sector and the development of the computer itself and the evolution of production patterns, are closely related. Past production patterns more simple, is top down (Top Down) plan types, the focus of computer applications in production planning and management (MRP - Ⅱ) and general transaction processing, and field operations management still remain in the traditional form of artificial job type. Even the so-called floor control functionality (Shop Floor Control - SFC), is also subject to the traditional large / mini computer and electronic technology, more information is collected, then a batch input processing, which provided limited functionality. In factory automation (Factory Automation - FA), the past is emphasized more in the logistics automation (Material Flow Automation), such as automated production equipment, automated test equipment, automated material handling storage equipment and so on. They did replace a lot of labor, to solve a number of production bottlenecks, but also because of job mismatch related and did not fully develop their effectiveness, while the so-called "islands of automation," said the (Islands of Automation). The issues raised above, there is a need for information flow field automation system (Frontline Data Automation) to solve, such systems if it is used in factories manufacturing site, which we call MES - Manufacturing Execution System (MES). In Japan, they call the production point management information system (Point of Production - POP), emulated to simulate the sale of business automation point (Point of Sales - POS), the Japanese name is quite expressive, because either POP or POS, its spirit is the same idea is shared, can be said to be a bottom (Bottom Up) real-time control information management system for site conditions. MES before importing, the company MRP system and the production site of communication between the way through man-made, so that the production site as the black box did not have the right information in real time. After the import MES automation of information flow in addition to providing on-site in addition, it plays a connecting function, to computer integration (Computer - Integrated Manufacturing - CIM) level. We have three English abbreviation MES, not difficult to see it with MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, the interaction between a planning system is the upper (Planning), one is actually lower Execution System (Execution).
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