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ABBYY software to force the Russian CPI accurate and efficient data collection
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Recent business process outsourcing (BPO) in the Chinese market showing rapid development, has become the beneficial aspects of the global outsourcing destination. The global financial crisis on the negative impact of the enterprise is very limited, making China the leading service provider agreement in the success of overseas competition. Now, the competition among domestic firms is growing steadily, forcing the BPO business, seeking new strategic opportunities and operational improvements. CompuPacific International (CPI) in China's global BPO solutions for suppliers. Since 1998 it has been in service in North America, Europe, Australia and China, customized solutions and corporate and government customers a wide range of experience, thereby gaining a detailed knowledge of western business practices. With over 10 years of CPI in the provision of government market, manufacturing, marketing, legal and publishing a comprehensive service and strong technology. It develops end to end business processes to simplify the data management process solutions (account maintenance, customer relationship management, premium collection, marketing services, etc.). The company also specializes in scanning, data acquisition, voice support and printing services. So far CPI has become the largest business process outsourcing centers in the country, and demonstrates the leading position in the market. But to maintain this in the expanding BPO market dominance is essential to make CPI increase productivity and cost optimization. Challenge Services (such as: finance, insurance, legal business, social organizations, etc.), a wide range of clients in different fields, CPI to deal with a large number of different structure and layout of written documents. Financial statements, census forms, tests, invoices, medical claims and other documents in bulk to pass every day. Effective management of incoming data is critical to business performance, can give a competitive advantage. CPI's main business objective is to form the smallest value, while maintaining the highest quality and maximum number of approved treatment. In a very long time paper work process is the performance bottleneck in the CPI. Major business process outsourcing many overseas companies have automated document workflow and data collection to embrace the OCR technology, and CPI are still using manual data processing. This traditional approach, in particular, in different forms of layout, is tedious, time consuming and lead to some typing errors. In order to optimize their business performance and maintain its competitiveness in the market, CPI decided to phase out manual data entry, and investing in automated document processing solutions. Technology is the engine ABBYYFlexiCapture8.0, for the integration of industry-leading data acquisition and documentation versatile SDK. This comprehensive SDK provides documentation of the classification tools, including a wide range of functions, processing semi-structured and unstructured documents, the key data extraction and validation, export to the back-end systems and archives. ABBYY this project in China through its partner, Digital Information Technology Co., Ltd. (DIT) has developed a comprehensive automated data collection terminal-to-end solution that guarantees the customer's work processes and software successful integration. DIT in the powerful ABBYYFlexiCapture technology provides the basis for the automation of data from scanned documents and electronic data into useful extract derived CPI. Project Status At four months, the engine technology used ABBYYFlexiCapture8.0 be deployed in three servers, and a substantial increase in CPI data processing business. The new solutions include the file in the location and data found in this selection, data export to index and sort of a further document management system. Automated data collection through the CPI significantly improved operating performance and improve the efficiency of the whole process. Now, thanks to the engine ABBYYFlexiCapture8.0 files in the classification, recognition, validation and transfer to the advanced features accurate, highly structured search and key business processes of electronic data. DIT's functions can be easily extended to the customer's needs, data collection and archiving programs focus on comprehensive toolkit. In order to optimize the layout of the various forms of DIT in the form of treatment designed a multi-page document describes two types of templates: the template is fixed in the form where the information is always in the same document on the creation of the field. These forms are for handling common tasks, for example, tax return processing. Flexible template for semi-structured and effective form of treatment without a fixed designed layout. System detects the various types of files automatically extract the necessary fields and critical data. It allows different forms, such as processing invoices, purchase orders, contracts, and other engine internal ABBYYFlexiCapture match the type of template, and then navigate to the related fields. Fixed and flexible template can be used to scan documents to provide fast, accurate data extraction. Inspectors and correction of human needs is to reduce manual data acquisition and processing. DIT provides advanced server-based architecture allows unlimited valid documents processed daily. Scalability company automate tasks assigned by the CPU (central processing unit). The system automatically balancing the work between the core server, to ensure the best processing performance. In the future it can be easily handled by an ancillary core and / or station. The integration of automatic data capture greatly improve the customer's bottom line. DIT provides an optimal solution ABBYYFlexiCapture technology, is ideal for customers based on workload management. This is a major step forward compared to traditional data collection, allowing CPI, to overcome the low efficiency, reduce error rates. The results of the actual project implementation The first phase of the project has been successfully processed in the time CPI 5000000. Automation of the order entry process saved the company approximately $ 25,000 in the first stage. The new digital solutions have proven to be than the traditional manual method effective. In addition to reducing the cost of the CPI more valuable advantages: high recognition quality, high-speed processing, reduce error rates. Now, when the first phase of the project has been completed, CPI decided to continue the relationship with the DIT, digital ten million or more. Customers are fully confident that the next phase will bring better results and greater savings.
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