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Grind China roll out board carry 16 D1 video to collect advocate board DVMB-764
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Shanghai, on May 7, 2008 – grind China collect the dominant position that its oneself charges an industry to head a firm in the experience with video monitoring old territory and labour, the first is rolled out to be based on Intel framework inside rate preexistence course of study compositive 16 D1 video collects advocate board DVMB-764. This is a high-powered video monitoring advocate board, used Intel? Platform of Q965 Core 2 Duo/Quad Core and chip of encode of 16 MPEG4 hardware, support 16 video encode, highest resolution to be able to amount to D1, number of every second total frame is 480 NTSC/400 PAL. Frequency / video makes up decipher chip compositive real time is previewed, memory of chip of encode, intelligence, movement detects, OSD and video are answered put wait for a variety of functions. DVMB-764 can generate two video to flow, an a MPEG4, MJEPG.

DVMB-764 deserves to have not only board hold graphical engine, support 6 SATA interface and RAID 0, 1, 5, also can add through PCIe interface installation show card and hardware RAID clip. Norms of appearance of standard ATX power source and interface of double thousand net mouth, double IDE, and the solid design of solid state capacitance makes DVMB-764 becomes high-powered video to apply (if intelligent video analyses system, video the conference, DVR that is based on PC or mixture DVR) ideal platform.

DVMB-764 is complete 16 D1 video collects real time 480FPS advocate board characteristic:

Board carry 16 D1 video to collect, hardware compresses chip
Support 16 D1 480 NTSC/400 PAL are completely real time compress
Board carry 16 frequency to collect chip, achieve phonic video synchronism to compress
Compositive 8 DI, 8DO and 2 RS-485, can think client leave out calls the police box
Full screen appearance breaks up imitate output
Double code sheds MPEG4 MJPEG
Shift is diagnosed
Grind China the SDK support of complete function of DVP product line

Grind as what labour accuses an industry to head a firm Hua Ke ability holds water grind China facilities of service application computer group (SAG -- EServices&Applied Computing Group) , the technology of industrial computation platform that aims to precede with the whole world, march brand-new life automation, create good life character for more average consumer. Grind China product of digital video monitoring regards SAG as one of products, already overseas market obtained a lot of success application. Be like: Subway of system of American patron wagon, Taipei, bus.

About grinding China

Grind China it is the global lead firm that provides EPlatform service, found from 1983 up to now, devote oneself to platform of integrated Web-based technology, operation and guest to make all the time change a service, drive Connected EWorld to develop ahead. Grind China as integrated as the system business cooperates cheek by jowl, let latter can offer perfect solution in the light of the numerous application of all trades and professions. Grind China more than 1000 kinds of offerred products and solution, cover 5 kinds big: Embedded the computer (Embedded Computing) , industrial application computer (Applied Computing) , industry and network application computer (Industrial And Network Computing) , the number is video platform and supervisory equipment (EVideo Solution) , and industrial automation (EAutomation) . Grind China in the whole world 17 countries reach 33 main cities, have 2, many 700 employee, provide all sorts of support, its sale and sale network can provide quick service for client of world each district, assist a client to roll out the product quickly the market.
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