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Approach China science and technology rolls out 4 passageways data of synchronis
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On June 9, 2006, beijing dispatch data collects the whole world that measures a product with PXI to head a firm - the PXI platform data that Ling Hua science and technology rolls out synchronism of 16 high resolution, 4 passageways collects calorie of PXI-2016, sampling frequency every passageway is highest can amount to 800kS/s, basically be aimed at high speed sampling and synchronous between much passageway data is collected on the application that has special demand, if factory automation, supersonic, sound believes date and biology medical treatment,wait. Similar standards, also offer the DAQ-2016 of PCI bus line at the same time. No matter be DAQ-2016 or PXI-2016, can pass synchronism of SSI (system respectively interface System Synchronization Interface) Bus or it is the application that PXI Trigger Bus achieves synchronism of passageway of the more between different module.


2 are offerred additionally on Ling Hua PXI-2016 and DAQ-2016 card 12, the imitate output that updates frequency to achieve 1MS/s, and 24 passageways but IO of process designing number and 2 groups of 16 timer / tally (Timer/counter) , the user can be used at the same time, have the application of much task.
Ling Hua PXI-2016 and DAQ-2016 offer complete imitate and number to spark mode, satisfy the requirement of great majority application, support the function with software corrective ego especially, by board blocks the referenced signal cause with built-in exact essence, the ego that raises precision is corrective, avoid what fall in different environment temperature to measure an error.
Ling Hua PXI-2016 and DAQ-2016 are offerred partly in software support complete with free driver, the contented user development in different platform demand, include Windows® , Linux, C/C, VB, .NET, Delphi, C Builder, MATLAB®And LabVIEW® .
The brand that * LabVIEW is apparatus of beautiful business state or, other product name is the brand of other company.
   About Ling Hua
Approach China science and technology devotes oneself to to measure, of automation and computer newsletter science and technology improve reach innovation, offer a solution to give traffic of global network telecommunication, intelligence and electron to make a client. With the persistence to professional technology and the ego requirement that fulfil client commitment, banner industry rolls out product of multinomial innovation sex, obtain the multinomial attestation such as ISO-9001, ISO-14001, TL9000, guide for industry of domestic industry computer 6 Sigma adopts the manufacturing system of audit of major of international big plant exclusively. Approach China science and technology is Intel®Communication is allied one class member, also be PICMG association can participate in member of the member that makes norms and directorate of association of PXI Systems Alliance and highest grade member at the same time, joined LXI Consortium 2005. Set subsidiary in the United States, Singapore, China at present, agency is set in India and Germany, provide quick service and real time support for local client. Approach China science and technology (China) limited company is made for governmental electron, electron, client of domain of communication of industry application computer, module offers tall sex price to compare product and professional service. Period can carry market of deep ploughing industry, in becoming, indigenous industry applies computer to lead a brand.
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