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Approach China science and technology rolls out high density to spend 160 passag
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On September 27, 2006, beijing dispatch
The Asia's biggest data collects a product to make a firm - Ling Hua science and technology rolls out high density to spend word of 160 a movement in martial arts to input data of output PCI interface to collect calorie of PCI-7442, this product offers the number that tall passageway number and Gao Ke rely on to control, facilitating client conformity is many the application of digital passageway demand, special the industrial switch control that applies to semiconductor equipment, relay or it is large test measures equipment to wait.
The segregation of word of 64 a movement in martial arts of Ling Hua PCI-7442 outputs a passageway to use high-power field effect to be in charge of (Power MOSFET) circuit, offer amount to 300mA full load at most (the output capacity of Full Duty) , suit to need the application that big electric current outputs, function Yuan Chao crosses market to go up already some products. Of passageway of output of word of 64 a movement in martial arts switch on the mobile phone initiative output condition but process designing set, this function is convenient the control after system of agile ground set is starting the user is politic. Ling Hua PCI-7442 offers channel of 32 TTL I/O at the same time, provide the demand of user TTL I/O, and won't take up segregation inputs output passageway.
In addition, watchdog is offerred in safe respect (WDT) function, WDT can make mistake in the control program of the user hind, be worth output condition set automatically to acquiesce or the numerical value of user set, give out systematic information to inform the user undertakes sequel is handled.
The respect is inputted in the number, the digital input passageway of Ling Hua PCI-7442 is acceptability the signal of highest 28VAC or 28VDC, passageway of input of word of 64 a movement in martial arts has condition to change (Change-of-State, COS) is monitored interrupt a function, can spark when there is any 1 road happening to change in inputting a passageway interrupt, in avoiding a program, keep undertaking checking to inputting port. Word of each a movement in martial arts inputs Ling Hua PCI-7442 the segregation protection that outputs a passageway to have 1250VRMS to the system, ensure the system does not suffer dash forward wave signal is destroyed.
Ling Hua PCI-7442 is compatible reach 5V PCI bus line at 3.3V, support the operating system such as Windows and Linux, the user can reach the MATLAB® operation in developing an environment in VC, VB, BCB, Delphi, LabVIEW® .
* LabVIEW is the brand of apparatus of beautiful business state, other product name is the brand of other company.
About Ling Hua
Approach China science and technology devotes oneself to to measure, of automation and computer newsletter science and technology improve reach innovation, offer a solution to give traffic of global network telecommunication, intelligence and electron to make a client. With the persistence to professional technology and the ego requirement that fulfil client commitment, banner industry rolls out product of multinomial innovation sex, obtain the multinomial attestation such as ISO-9001, ISO-14001, TL9000, guide for industry of domestic industry computer 6 Sigma adopts the manufacturing system of audit of major of international big plant exclusively. Approach China science and technology is Intel®Communication is allied one class member, also be PICMG association can participate in member of the member that makes norms and directorate of association of PXI Systems Alliance and highest grade member at the same time, joined LXI Consortium 2005. Set subsidiary in the United States, Singapore, China at present, agency is set in India, Germany and Korea, provide quick service and real time support for local client. Approach China science and technology (China) limited company is made for governmental electron, electron, client of domain of communication of industry application computer, module offers tall sex price to compare product and professional service. Period can carry market of deep ploughing industry, in becoming, indigenous industry applies computer to lead a brand.
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