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An Jielun USB DAQ is familial roll out more independence model change a solution
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(Beijing, on November 13, 2007) An Jielun science and technology (NYSE:A) become independent for its today model and modular USB data is collected implement (DAQ) the solution is familial roll out a variety of new products, make the client can build the more agile measurement that can expand thereby system.
Agilent DAQ familial collect is muti_function DAQ and number are inputted, take-off at an organic whole, can use independently already, also can serve as modular use together. Should be in Agilent U2781A is modular when be being used in lead plane, can expand conveniently more 384 passageways. Lead plane can load the module of different function, help an user realize the synchronism of all sorts of device and application thereby.
Why to no matter use,plant configuration, each DAQ device all passes USB interface and the setting with bind software to undertake be mixinged quickly easy, accordingly the user can begin measure instantly. The IVI driver that by place takes, the user also can choose to use Agilent VEE or implementation measures the environment of applied process development of any other popularity and pilot automation.
Agilent USB DAQ is familial include:
Agilent U2500A series sampling is muti_function at the same time DAQ device, it suits pair of phasic and sensitive application most.
Agilent U2300A series is muti_function DAQ device, it offers every passageway to amount to the tall sampling of 3Mpts/s to lead, suit the Electromechanical application that requirement report parameter and physical parameter measure most.
Agilent U2100A and number of U2600A series segregation are inputted, take-off, it suits to be reached with all sorts of sensor most carry out implement work together, in order to implement perfect machine control and automation.
Chamfer of Agilent U2781A 6 is modular instrument lead plane, it offers a passageway to expand for U2300, U2500 and U2800 series module.
Agilent U2802A heat inputs device and U2355A/U2356A DAQ module to undertake temperature is measured together occasionally.
An Jielun foundation measures instrument department vice president to hold general manager Ee Huei Sin concurrently to say: "Almost any industries ask to promote a solution, with satisfying the need that the system expands and upgrades. Our USB DAQ device can be satisfied not only all trades and professions is right today the requirement of flexibility, and also be simple, tall sex price is compared and easily compositive solution. And also be simple, tall sex price is compared and easily compositive solution..
Detailed information
Agilent U2300A series offers the tall sampling rate that amounts to 64 passageways and voltage of tall imitate input. Each input of U2500A series has his ADC, because this eliminated transmission defer, realize accurate phasic information to collect.
The U2600A series that 64 passageways input and the U2100A series device that 32 passageways input offer the tall input ∕ that amounts to 35V to output voltage, have be as high as 1, the segregation voltage of 500Vrms. U2802A heat inputs device and U2355A occasionally or U2356A DAQ device offers the voltage that amounts to 10V or temperature to measure together. U2781A lead plane is offerred for inserts module spark at the same time and the star sparks bus line is synchronous.
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