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Grind China roll out the imitate with powerful effect to measure input module
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Grind China automation released two a few days ago brand-new ADAM distributed data collects module, ADAM-5017P and ADAM-5018P. ADAM-5017P is 8 distributed data collect module, take independence to input limits, can part the function with different set, supportive power source is received instead and extremely odd, ambipolar wide range is inputted. ADAM-5018P is one can support 7 kinds of different specifications (J, k, t, e, r, s, the thermocouple data of B) collects module, distinctive filter wave function can filter effectively the voltage that exceeds range. Say simply, ADAM-5017P and ADAM-5018P can apply to any industrial environments of Yan Ke.

ADAM-5017P/ADAM-5018P supports Gao Gongmo voltage, the voltage difference of each passageways can achieve 200 VDC. Accordingly, can support more measurement, like batteries or power source sensor / change send implement etc. Besides, ADAM-5017P and ADAM-5018P have overvoltage protection, the electric current that prevents to increase for an instant causes harm to module. Built-in TVS/ESD of ADAM-5017P and ADAM-5018P is protected, can protect high density, the equipment with compact and sophisticated structure. TVS diode can avoid ESD and protect electronic component. Finally, ADAM-5017P and ADAM-5018P are ADAM-5550 series the module of outspread design, because this can get the support of ADAM.Net effectiveness.
On the market of factory automation and equipment automation, ADAM-5017P and ADAM-5018P can undergo the test of severe exacting condition not only, and have superior sexual value to compare, it is the solution of client ideal. New generation ADAM-5017P and ADAM-5018P already appeared on the market now, if have,buy demand to be dialed please grind China seek advice from hot line 800-810-0345 freely, or the business of your place area represents contact or grind China the agency of accredit.

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