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Case releases 2 ISaGRAF practical exemple---"The system when be opposite automat
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The much stage ISaGRAF PAC that this applied exemple uses a PC to come to each pair of areas has the function when be opposite automatically, additional also but of the ISaGRAF PAC that inspect visits each area run state.
This applied exemple is to be in same a join inside sth resembling a net of local area network 2 ISaGRAF PAC (can choose W-8xx7, i-8x37, IPAC-8447 / 8847, the random of I-7188EG 2) will reveal (true application duration measures stage of OK and more 10 ~ 1000 but) .


Also applicable is on Internet, the Internet IP that the PC that uses right now needs application is secured to. The ISaGRAF PAC that is located in various places needs to be able to connect online sth resembling a net surely (it is the Gateway Server) that passes through ISP company commonly.


Will record 10 temperature data with W-8xx7, minutely record. After the data that records, good this record with Ethernet hair Email File hair comes out
This applied exemple uses a Wincon-8xx7 Slot 2: I-87018z, minutely record 10 temperature on I-87018z are worth, record one day hind, meeting at everyday 00:00 ~ 00:01 the left and right sides is given out have notes smuggled into an examination hall the Email of file of this temperature record comes out to close person.
This answering exemple but a PC comes to erect when undertaking be been opposite automatically run state with what examine the ISaGRAF PAC of each area. (Also need not use this function of course, only pure receive Email)
This PC can be put in same inside sth resembling a net of local area network.


Also can put on Internet.

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