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American state apparatus rolls out the highest precision that uses USB coupling
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The data of M series USB that company of American state apparatus announces to roll out the production on new generation line gathers appearance facility. This kind of NI USB-6281 and USB-6289 product have 18 imitate data to collect a function, compare 16 conventional device, offerred increase the resolution of 4 times than its, be equal to exceed 5½ Digits at issueing a test to offer for dc resolution. These equipment also offer the imitate that increases a function to output a passageway, its are had but process designing limits and function of data deflection setting. The screw terminal that additionally the product has standardization joins or many terminal coupling chooses a characteristic.

Achieve precision requirement to ensure the product gathers speed in the light of all example, these equipment embedded amplifier of NI-PGIA 2 traditional form and NI-MCal correct a function oneself, this will set time the smallest change and ensure obtain the biggest precision. A kind board it is OK to carry filter of type low passageway the program changes make the product improves through eliminating high frequency rate to disturb further improvement to check precision. Use NI USB-628x device, the engineer can ensure when ± 10 V in voltage precision is 980 millivolt, and below voltage of ± 100 MV precision amounts to 28 millivolt.

Passageway of the imitate input channel that this USB-6281 product has 16 Chanduan and input of 8 poor cent, two imitate output and 24 inputs / output a passageway, and USB-6298 product has 32 Chanduan and imitate of 16 poor cent to output 4 passageway, imitate to output passageway and 48 input / output passageway.

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