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NI expands C series product applies at high-powered data logging
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April 2008 limited company of apparatus of state of – United States (National Instruments, abbreviation NI) rolled out 4 brand-new C series module, apply to include to be in oscillatory / acoustics data logging and car carry, the data logging application of the domain such as structure, temperature and pressure test. Among them the USB interface that NI USB-9219, USB-9229 and USB-9239 can provide bus line power supply and C series join; Dynamic signal of NI 9234 AC/DC collects module to be able to offer optional IEPE signature to manage, apply to high accuracy frequency to measure.

Be in of all kinds in measuring application, the direct link sex signature manage, sensor and data collect C series product wait for a function to assemble in one small-sized module, and can insert any C series box, form all sorts of test systems. Have module of series of more than 40 kinds of C, apply to different measure application, include: Signal of thermocouple, voltage, RTD, electric current, resistor, meet an emergency, number (TTL and other) , accelerometer, microphone. New module extended logarithm of module of series of 24 bit C to occupy the support of record application, can collect with the data of NI LabVIEW software reach analytic function union.

Brand-new the USB-9219 of bus line power supply, USB-9229 and USB-9239 are 4 passageways module of general C series, it is only muti_function measure and design, suit to cooperate to use with carrier of box of any NI CompactDAQ, CompactRIO or NI USB-9162 odd module. Pass brand-new USB-9219 module, the engineer can be measured amount to signal of 11 kinds of sensor, include: Strain gauge, RTD, thermocouple and pressure sensor. Each passageway adopts module segregation, this makes whole system (include to be checked equipment) avoided to keep apart grade inside harmful voltage aiguille. Besides security, segregation eliminated what right annulus road causes to measure an error. The measurement of USB-9219 limits amounts to ± 60 V and ± 25 MA, make its become a car to hold the ideal option in data logging application, the measurement of the requirement in this kinds of application limits is 12 or 42V. Rate of every passageway sampling is USB-9229 and module of data logging of USB-9239 high speed 50 KS/s, include fight mix fold filter to eliminate interference signal, use at structural health, mechanical recuperation, electric power, environment to monitor in waiting for application. USB-9239 job voltage is ± 10 V, offer sensor of accurate high speed to measure; USB-9229 job voltage is ± 60 V, apply to more large-scale sensor output, the immediateness in be being measured like oscillatory data sensor.

NI 9234 dynamic signal collects module is the good choice in vibration and application of acoustics data logging, because of the engineer can recuperation of free switch IEPE and choice AC or DC coupling. Module offerred 24 resolution, the dynamic limits of 102 DB and fight mix fold filter. NI 9234 module can be measured with NI sound and vibration set cooperate to use, set include sound and oscillatory aide, will simplify through offerring the analysis of independent, seesaw pattern to collect an environment the collection of noise and oscillatory signal and analysis. Independent software support records data in disk at the same time, real time revises data to analyse a setting.
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