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NI rolls out high accuracy muti_function USB interface data gathers facility
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April 2008 limited company of apparatus of state of – United States (National Instruments, abbreviation NI) roll out data of USB of series of new fund M to gather facility (DAQ) , this equipment supports 18 imitate input, sampling rate achieves 625 KS/s. NI USB-6281 and USB-6289 include 18 ADC, photograph comparing is traditional its resolution improves 16 facility 4 times, with prep above 5½ the DC of resolution is measured well_matched. These equipment still were offerred increase model imitate outputs a passageway, can realize span and deflection amount but process designing set. Wait for a choice besides standard screw terminal or Mass terminal connector, OEM edition still is offerred with embedded compositive sex function of the system, include 34 needles and 50 needles insulation to replace connector, realize circuit board join easily.

The accuracy of next data is led in all sampling to ensure, above equipment is compositive NI-PGIA 2 shortens from definition amplifier and NI-MCal from calibration calibration time, raise precision. Board those who carry is low connect filter to be able to eliminate high frequency noise through process designing, rise further thereby measure precision. NI USB-628x equipment can amount to 980 µV in the resolution inside limits of ± 10 V, 28 µV can be amounted to inside limits of ± 100 MV, sampling rate can amount to 625 KS/s.

USB-6281 has 16 Chan Duan (SE) or 8 poor cent (DI) imitate inputs a passageway, passageway of two imitate output and passageway of I/O of 24 digit word (DIO) . USB-6289 has 32 Chan Duan or 16 imitate that need branch input a passageway, 4 imitate output passageway of passageway and I/O of 48 digit word. Two kinds of equipment offer 18 imitate that are as high as 625 KS/s to input (the speed when scanning is 500 KS/s) , speed is outputted for 16 imitate of 833 KS/s. Equipment of high accuracy USB-628x is offerred at the same time increase model undee generator. The engineer can define the deflection quantity that imitate exports and span oneself, the resolution that outputs 16 according to the fixed deflection of DC is the biggest change, realize more accurate small signal to measure, raise the precision of imitate weaveform.

The sensor in equipment test, characteristic description and metric class precision, signal is measured in waiting for application, the series of high accuracy M of NI is muti_function the choice that DAQ equipment is ideal. From more the application that high accuracy data collects concentration to be benefited includes scientific appearance to apply, if geology is monitored, perception of data analysis, environment, calorimetry, optical, spectroscopy, structure is measured reach gas to explore; Still include instrument of medical treatment equipment, if the heartbeat is monitored,wait. USB-628x device is very similar in applying to electronics character and research.
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