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Approach China science and technology is rolled out brand-new high accuracy seri
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On July 16, 2008
The Asia's biggest data collects product supplier - Ling Hua science and technology rolls out imitate of 16 PCI interface, 32 passageways, high resolution to be outputted muti_function data collects calorie of PCI-9223, imitate inputs highest only channel to be able to amount to frequency of sampling of every second 500 KS, imitate inputs dynamic function photograph to have a product to promote 10% above than Ling Hua, offer higher definition, imitate output supports two passageways synchronism to output partly, can achieve the newer rate of every second 1 MS at the same time, additional conformity 32 passageways are muti_function digital I/O reachs a variety of numbers to spark mode, apply to the relevant application such as mixture signal test.

The series product that collects card to be published at the same time with data of Ling Hua PCI-9223 still has 16 channels muti_function data data blocks PCI-9222, both has a variety of numbers to be defeated by discrepancy and function of radical movement control, other function includes TTL number to be defeated by I/O of number of high speed of discrepancy, 2 MHz, motor coder, arteries and veins broad shift runs output, timer, and the agile design such as tally, especially motor coder sparks mediumly output function, to needing to be done according to positional feedback information data is collected or imitate outputs pilot user, offer an effective optimal and integrated port. Imitate input, output supports automatic and corrective function, the referenced signal source that allows through essence of the buy inside board card, raise the precision with corrective ego, avoid what fall in temperature of different operation environment to measure an error.

Ling Hua PCI-9222 and PCI-9223 are muti_function data collects calorie of contented user to be in the development demand of different platform, the job that already offerred client latest edition is oriented driver DAQPilot, shorten the user develops time, microsoft of operation environment support is new the Windows Vista that appear on the market™ operating system, let data collect reach industry to control relevant applied process to be able to move smoothly in Windows operating system. This series product also supports Linux of other operating system, C/C, VB, .NET, Delphi, C Builder, MATLAB®And LabVIEW® .

* LabVIEW is the brand of apparatus of beautiful business state, other product name is the brand of other company.

About Ling Hua

Approach China science and technology devotes oneself to to measure, of automation and computer newsletter science and technology improve reach innovation, offer a solution to give traffic of global network telecommunication, intelligence and electron to make a client. With the persistence to professional technology and the ego requirement that fulfil client commitment, banner industry rolls out product of multinomial innovation sex, obtain the multinomial attestation such as ISO-9001, ISO-14001, TL9000, guide for industry of domestic industry computer 6 Sigma adopts the manufacturing system of audit of major of international big plant exclusively. Approach China science and technology is Intel®Embedded communication is allied one class member, PICMG association can participate in the member that makes norms and board of directors of association of PXI Systems Alliance and highest grade member. Set subsidiary in the United States, Singapore, China at present, agency is set in India, Germany and Korea, provide quick service and real time support for local client. Approach China science and technology (China) limited company sets Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen 3 branches, measure to measure test, automation and embedded computer industry provides advanced industrial module and applied platform.
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