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Colliery well leaves monitoring solution
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[Systematic overview]

Coal is our country's important energy natural resources, the coal industry of our country stays for a long time in artificial exploitation level, manufacturing efficiency is low, safe hidden trouble is much, if the accident such as water of ooze of fire damp explosion, underground often happens. Gain ground stage by stage as what the computer applies in all trades and professions, coal produced a level to implement automation stage by stage at present, manufacturing efficiency rises greatly. A client that we are below is used grind auspicious labour accuses to collect module machine, remotely to produce the application in monitoring in coal.

[Systematic requirement]

The excavate below the well is nodded (monitoring point) dispersive, change ceaselessly as production;
Requirement system setup, safeguard convenient;

The systematic data that monitor is accurate;

[Systematic block diagram]

The picture is browsed in new window by this

[Systematic principle]

Choose grind auspicious labour accuses PIII lead plane to regard a colliery as control room advocate accuse machine, with grind auspicious ARK - 14520 communication module and ARK - module of input of 14017 imitate quantity, ARK - module of output of 14050 numbers input establishs RS - the movement of the equipment such as all sorts of data that 485 networks will come to collect a well to fall and control fan, water pump. The different position below mine puts all sorts of sensor, of the place that monitor the data such as the content of water level, gas, temperature, quantity that contain oxygen, through ARK - signal of word of 14017 commutation amount to uses RS - 485 bus line are passed to the control room on the well advocate accuse machine. Other explicit the mouth of a well still has sensor to monitor the flow of wind pressure, wind, whether does judgement fan run. Lead plane passes ARK according to ordering data case each - the 14050 movement that will control water pump, fan, adjust thereby wind force, control water level, make sure the well leaves regular job of the collier. Additional, gas content, water level exceeds be restricted the system still can pass ARK - light of 14050 hair phonate calls the police, clew attempers attention of the collier below personnel and well, till remove trouble.

[Systematic configuration]

Box: IPC - 810P

Advocate board: FSC - 1621VD


Memory: 128M

Hard disk: 40G

Draft module: ARK - 14520

Imitate quantity inputs module: ARK - 14017 power source

Module: ARK - 243

[Systematic evaluation]

1 lead plane uses WINDOWS operating system, VB process designing, the picture is simple and intuitionistic, suit a colliery very much general staff operation;
2 because the well issues each excavate,the dot disperses, use RS - 485 bus line suit very much, additionally next excavate dots are in the well to change ceaselessly, and RS - of 485 bus line but expansibility and convenient safeguarded a gender to raise a colliery to manufacture efficiency greatly.
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