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Overspeed / develops solution of monitoring of red light violate the rules and
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[Systematic overview]

Electronic police serves as ITS----A of intelligent traffic system brand-new applying. Its are main the product includes: Car enters red light to monitor retrograde motion of detector of speed of appearance, car, car system of mouth of card of detector of violate the rules and regulations, road, plate identifies system, 122 traffic automatically to call the police system and urban road are integrated supervisory system. "One of members of " of association of Chinese road safety Shenzhen some company, use grind auspicious IPC-6806 labour accuses machine make for home how old in the city provides stable, efficient system, gained the market reputably!

[Systematic principle]

Enter red light automatic supervisory system is comprised by 5 stature systems, include car to detect subsystem, take a picture to transmit subsystem and subsystem of later period management control subsystem, picture download subsystem, remotely.
Take a picture what front uses is ground feeling coil detect means, change a principle according to magnetic flux quantitative change, by embed the labour in crossing accuses machine the control that will undertake camera shutter and undertake controlling to flashlight, the picture of violate the rules and regulations that digital camera takes will be stored the SM in camera gets stuck above all (Smart Media Card)----In intelligent memory card. Achieve when the photograph inside card a certain quantity of when, inside the hard disk that camera general downloads the photograph automatically to control the computer to crossing labour. The labour of each crossing accuses the computer to pass line / the server of the net of ISDN/DDN special railway line or cable monitoring center that sends the picture to far end, making a station complete the processing to the photograph and management by the computational mechanic of monitoring center next.

[Systematic block diagram]

The picture is browsed in new window by this

[Systematic configuration]

Monitoring lead plane: IPC - memory of 6806/FSC-1713VN / P4 CPU /256M / hard disk 80G

[Systematic evaluation]

The system is used grind auspicious IPC-6806 is embedded lead plane, dustproof, volume is minor, medicinal powder hot performance is good, advocate board use compositive country CPU of half low power comsumption, need not fan works normally likewise, suit job of field and harsh environment completely.

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