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Railroad signal personal computer monitors systematic solution
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Summary: Elaborate the working state of railroad signal system and the EIP platform that how adopt EVOC, use existing industry to control a technology, implementation undertakes comprehensive, automatic real time monitoring to railroad signal equipment.
Keyword: System of EIP railroad signal

Summary: Illustrate The Working Status Of Railway Signals, and How To Choose The EVOC EIP Platform And Combine The Advanced Industry Control Technology To Realize The Full And Automatically Supervising And Controlling Of The Railway Signals Devices.
Key Words: EIP(Embedded Intelligent Platform) Railway Signals System
[Systematic overview]

The system of railroad signal personal computer that monitor is railroad special signal personal computer monitors equipment, can safeguard auxiliary tool of management as electric Wu. Equipment undertakes pair of comprehensive, automatic signal that maneuver of interest of the system of signal personal computer that monitor calculates implementation of ability of information processing of engine high speed is uninterrupted be monitored in real time. Can obtain complete, successive real time data, avoid the interference of factitious element and effect, improve the quality that signal equipment governs, prevent recessive accident to happen. At the same time this equipment puts the bisect of much field data of the collection analyse accident reason, understanding equipment state has very great help.
The system of railroad signal personal computer that monitor basically detects the object is a station 6502 electric concentration system. The system of railroad signal personal computer that monitor measures 6502 medium concerned switch (key operation circumstance, orbit light takes position of plane of position of condition, switch, signal to wait) , concerned imitate is measured (orbit voltage, switch represents all sorts of voltage, power supply voltage and switch electric current) collect, build primitive database.

[The system is formed]

Station equipment uses completely dispersive structure, station machine controls computer lead plane with industry by the station, collect machine, power source and insulation test to combine road of machine, wide area newwork to be formed by net of equipment, CAN. The collection that the system is in charge of data, classification, processing and show, the data that collects place sends a server through network equipment.
In equipment whole set of the system, considering grind the of all kinds equipment that the product of auspicious company covered the place in whole system to need, accuse to reach in domestic industry because of its again embedded the leader sex status of intelligent platform domain, because this basically is used,grind the product of auspicious company will implement this system.
Systematic hardware configures as follows:
1, lead plane:
A, box: Grind auspicious IPC-810A/PS-270A/6113LP4
B, advocate board: Grind auspicious FSC-1717VN full-length CPU gets stuck
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