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EIP technology collects systematic application in the public project data of ref
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One, systematic overview
Large refinery is treatment craft is all ready, the fuel with big scale of production, industrial chemicals enterprise, its because a lot of production unit applied DCS, automation level is very high, and the project data of each device already brought into the CIMS system of entire plant. But water, report, gas, warm waiting for data of public project data and data of coal tub area, factory of pass in and out is independence however, still rely on statistical personnel collect, the requirement that incommensurate modern managing. For accurate and master quickly and use entire plant information, undertake planning as a whole effectively balancing administrative to producing a condition, optimize resource configuration, raise the economic benefits of the enterprise, be necessary to build " public project data gathers refinery entire plant system " relatively will dispersive data reachs metric center centrally first, do well stock balance, repass is fiber-optic enter system of entire plant CIMS.

2, systematic principle
This systematic software by go up an engine system software and play a machine software two major composition, all use C language and assembly language to write. Have an interface sex of friendly, real time is good, artificial intervention is little, use just wait for an advantage simply. The design of all software is used modular method, each module fulfils some function, abide by and accord with " top-down " software designs a principle.

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3, go up a machine function:
1, main configuration:
Box: IPC-810A/6113LP4/7271AT
Advocate board: FSC-1713VNA
Fittings: P4 2.4/256M/80G
2, the function comes true:
Go up an aircraft main engine introduce industrial PC, match stock printer and big screen monitor. Go up the main function of an engine system software is to pass communication network implementation to go up a machine and issue a data between machine to transmit, and the data that will issue a machine to be collected in real time undertakes all sorts of processing, include to stock a database, undertake drifting pursueing indication, historical trend graph and good look figure still have what data expresses to show the printout of forms for reporting statistics that reachs all sorts of requirements.
3, go up software distributes an engine system into the following module
1) advocate module: Basically use at completing pair of whole systems each child functional control and attemper.
2) flow chart shows functional module: Basically finish the indication of the flow chart of each work area and circumstance of corresponding parameter change.
3) historical trend and good look figure show module: The trend emersion that realizes the history to produce a condition and to it the good look plan that corresponding time chooses and data table show.
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