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Marine the development that armor plate laser curves data of figuration experime
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1. Systematic overview:

Plank laser curves figuration is a kind do not have osculatory figuration technology new-styly, the research that curves figuration craft to laser at present basically is centered in experiment and numeric imitate respect. Offer test and verify to obtain the deformation of plank and number value model, the angle of bend that needs to curve figuration process plank to laser is spent and temperature distributings undertake metrical.

Spend metabolic characteristic in the light of experimental process temperature and angle of bend, below Windows environment, union grinds China industrial data collects card and its corresponding sensor, apply multi-line Cheng to reach embedded collection technology, use VC6.0 developed relevant data to collect systematic software.

Application this system is marine to a kind the laser of armor plate curves the temperature in figuration experiment and angle of bend to spent change to undertake real time data is collected, obtained better sampling data.

2. Systematic configuration:

This system place is Ⅲ of a P with the computer 933, inside 256 M grind China 610 labour accuse machine, the operating system is Chinese Windows 98.

This system was used grind China PCL-818HD data collects card, it has 8 inputs that need branch passageway and the cache of high speed of FIFO(First In First Out) of a 1 K implement, can obtain faster number to be defeated to issue better data to transmit function with Windows as it is said. Temperature sensor recuperates module and A through temperature / D card is linked together, displacement sensor is direct with A / D card is linked together, a / D card has news report through bus line and computer, its hardware structure is shown 1 times like the graph.

Marine the development that armor plate laser curves data of figuration experiment process to collect a system

3. Control systematic design:

Plank laser curves figuration is method of a kind of new-style the figuration that do not have a model, it is used stimulate plate of metal of scanning of beam of light, apparent temperature gradient arises inside hot action area, bring about be not the internal stress that distributings equably to realize plank plasticity to curve figuration. Laser curves figuration process not to need a mould, consequently nonexistent mould makes the issue such as the charge, cycle that make, reduce cost; Do not accept the restriction that machines measure of environment, work, can pass those who optimize parameter of craft of laser beam machining to control board accurately to curve degree. Because plank laser curves the applied foreground of figuration technology light, attracted domestic and international not little learned man to be engaged in the research exploration of this respect, foreign application is already initial enter practical the level that change, and domestic research just starts, basically center in experiment and numeric imitate respect.
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