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WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 series collects medium application in process data
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Long-term since, voerde power plant uses notes paper to have the record of data information. Need very large space to all sorts of data such as boiler temperature from water quality, because some data often need agelong reservation,rise. And pass WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM, can use electronic method to undertake collection to data, it needs to store lesserly not only space, still can undertake efficient analysis and processing to data.
Notes paper tens of year the main tool that come even if is used at process data to collect. Expenditure of this kind of method is tall, be hard to analyse, and take up very large space. Accordingly, voerde (STEAG) Mr Martin Dahlum of Technical Division of coal power plant tries to search replacement scheme all the time, especially the indication tool that power plant has two 350MW aircrew to still will record paper to serve as moving condition. They cannot resemble monitor coming out the report with fast and favorable data in that way of course, also cannot show data many places. Crucial position depends on ABB company " Plant Connect " , it is to use as the PIMS that process data is collected and files (process information controls a system) interface. Use WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM results from according to collecting into linage the idea of ABB company. ABB wrote driver of a scanner, it is OK to pass it convey the data in node of WAGO spot bus line through Modbus real time database " Plant Connect " on. Memory of Mr Martin Dahlum says: "Scanner driver is written and debug very fast. It is run after rising, the rest work is very simple. It is OK to pass module of WAGO spot bus line will multifarious job is decreased least. " use planar monitor generally now to serve as indication tool, the dimensional demand that file also got very old rate reduce.
Mr Martin Dahlum says excitedly: "The time that we need a few minutes only now can be transmitted existing WAGO module to go up, perhaps use, configuration and design other module. Need to start software afresh again only later, signal can be used. " besides standard signal, still can use WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM series to gather pyroelectricity Ou information directly. It is the iron that uses generally in boiler even - constantan component can join to it rise. ABB company is rectified according to the following case decide driver, compose of certain and specific signal builds nonlinear form, if be used at the conductibility of moisture analyse,measure data. Pass software graph, i/O module of the standard can be used in measured value only in collecting, reduced spare parts inventory thereby.
Mr Martin Dahlum says: "WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM and record a photograph comparing to have absolutely advantage, its price is very substantial also. Had not produced any breakdown up to now. "

Voerde power plant controls Mr Martin Dahlum in the room. Because introduced WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM series product, he can display screen through plane of be clear at a glance see whole process data.
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