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One, Data of the sources of energy collects systematic current situation and demand

1, the meaning that data of the sources of energy collects
The sources of energy is the important resource of relation the national economy and the people's livelihood. To company of big, medium-sized production, for settle accounts of production of much better resource allocation, tissue, branch, cost accounting, need builds a data of valid automation the sources of energy to collect a system, supply to the sources of energy undertake monitoring, so that the enterprise masters energy situation in real time, play solid data base to realize adjusting control of automation of the sources of energy to plunge into, what the enterprise goes to the lavatory in the meantime is metric work with cost accounting.

2, data of concerned the sources of energy
The enterprise produces the sources of energy of need to basically have: The sources of energy such as electric power, water, gas, coal, the sources of energy basically furnishs the need that company production, worker lives. Accordingly, data of the sources of energy is energy supply data actually, and energy supply data basically has 3 kinds of pattern: Tired addend of supply of data of data of energy supply condition, energy supply integral point, energy is occupied.

3, company current situation
Company of each big, medium-sized production has realised data data the importance to business management, use all sorts of instruments, appearance to undertake collection to data of the sources of energy, send person specially assigned for a task to be opposite instrument, appearance, undertake with collection data the spot is safeguarded, copy take, chase class statistic, appear in the newspaper, build a database to undertake administrative to data. Such defect is manual operation efficiency is low, cannot satisfy large-scale data to collect need. Also partial body identifies higher company, begin to build with real time database (Real-time Database) the automatic data that is core gets a system, collect automatically what realized data of the sources of energy, appear in the newspaper automatically, reduced the systematic dependence to the person, raised sex of effectiveness for a given period of time and accuracy, begin to build software system, the data to be being collected, use at metric with financial settle accounts. What following graphs show the framework of this kind of system:

With IPush®Family uses program for the WinCon of core -- data of the sources of energy collects a system

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