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WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 applies mediumly in water supply
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Company of Yellowstone Soft engineering, it is a WAGO solution supplier that has qualificatory attestation, it basically offers the solution that is based on Linux, the water supply that presses down in Sauldorf for example applies mediumly. In this application, WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 series rises control layer and spot layer join.

More than 5 pumping station wear water ark high to be supplied every year for Sauldorf town with 3 200, 000m³ drinking water. The water that comes from different mtl pithead is mixed, in order to balance the content of nitric acid salt of different fountainhead, assure to achieve optimal water quality thereby. To administrator, besides have concentration visible system and documentation record system, still frequent breakdown calls the police system. If have need, control system can issue warning through SMS. The Hermann Betz engineer of Yellowstone Soft company says: "To systems of such a control, the biggest challenge is to come from inside narrow space numerous with phyletic and various interface. For example the I/O join of long-range agreement of browser of ISDN join, network, data logging, PLC, 60870-104 and spot equipment. " Mr Hermann Betz decides to choose the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 that can have communication through CAN CAL and control system. "The result of open invite public bidding often depends on the price, who can offer the most competitive quoted price who can win out. " Mr Hermann Betz continues say: The advantage ∮ 肳 AGO is, we can configure wanted I/O module amount, can assure quality already so managing cost. " signal amount is huge. Every pumping station achieves 70, it is imitate quantity for the most part among them; This is the representative application to system of modular, open mode. This also accords with the innovation facility concept of Yellowstone Soft company, among them, PLC technology and long-range control technology are used in controlling a system, resemble telemonitoring is euqally at present general in the system. All control and monitoring task, safeguard to the target even can come true. Breakdown and alarm information can undertake classificationing, they can make caution instantly when having need. Want them to do not have bad influence to equipment only, can have a record so and won't continue to issue warning.

Control system mixes managing cost maintained water quality to accomplish first-rate to unite. For managing charge of electricity, wear water ark high to undertake affusion in night normally. To balance the work efficiency of different water pump, the time that the water pump with inferior efficiency runs is a bit a few longer. The idling time of the requirement goes with respect to can automatic computation. The control system of single facility adopts industrial siding way each other join. If this are special,circuit malfunctions, PLC can start lash-up system automatically instantly. If PLC oneself also appears breakdown, can start the lash-up system that uses time perhaps switch control by the hand so.
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