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Grind the application that China labour accuses machine and data to collect card
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One, general situation
Sewage disposal monitors a system, it is one finishs main production to divide factory and the industrial waste water that produce a workshop discharge and the system of the management that monitor that sewage disposal measures. When it is achievable, the sewage discharge capacity inside the proper time limits such as quarter of day, week, month, production and the real time that sewage disposal measures are monitored, undertake arranging show in real time and undertaking forms for reporting statistics is printed to what monitoring data. Provide a service to produce management department.
Cover the computer to monitor a system to basically control maneuver to calculate the news report of machine, RS-485 computer data that accords with industry to produce an environment by industry originally data of monitoring point of net, each sewage is changed board, original bright canal the measuring instrument such as flowmeter, electromagnetism flowmeter and power source system are formed. This system monitors an object to have 13 monitoring point, distributing in the company departmental, each execute centralized power supply between the dot, the data that monitor transmits central control room with RS-485 communication agreement, data classics IPC-610 is versed in the real time after accusing machine processing shows.
2, hardware system design
On hardware design of the system, in safeguard the system is accurate and reliable on the base that run, do one's best makes hardware configuration of the system modular, such making that whole hardware system is understood simply, use safeguard convenient reach the operational failure rate that lowers a system; Whole system uses data of Chinese style of the collect that divide a pace to collect control mode to undertake designing, lead plane to grind labour of China PC bus line accuses machine. Card of data news report and data collect module (ADAM-4012 series) grind for Taiwan together product of China labour Kong, such making that the main body facility of hardware system is centralized, be used easily and safeguard. System of centralized power supply, central station uses AC220V of iron tower card to keep apart parameter regulated power supply, power source is primary receive alternating current of AC220V, 50Hz, sub classics power source purifies the UPS power supply that supplies interconnected system of computer science department respectively and each to monitor child the switch power source of the station is used, power source protects the ground to receive the earth by central station. Each child the station that monitor and the line of data news report that the center stands use RVVP twinning screen line join. To enhance the interference rejection power of systematic communication, screen layer ground connection and transient state voltage is received to restrain in circuit implement reach electric capacity, the purpose is damaged by place of big electric current, big voltage to prevent a system. To avoiding Lei Wen is inscribed, in dividing online road laid, notice escape building is easy by the place of be struck by lightning outside, increase the ground connection that prevent thunder (resistor of ground connection of classics actual measurement is accomplished be less than 4 Europe) , voltage of the transient state that prevent thunder is joined to restrain in circuit implement with improving a system fight ability of be struck by lightning.
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