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Be based on grind China the engine sound of the product and design of the oscill
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Development setting

Engine condition is monitored general through detecting its rotor electric current, rotational moment of force, rotate speed coming back is spent wait for parameter to come differentiate, but, as a result of its condition parameter all is dynamic change, give health very hard through differentiate of groovy the method that monitor. Handle technical development as computer interface technology and digital signal, can use high speed data to collect technology and technology of digital signal processing, the sound when its rotate and oscillatory signal real time high speed is collected, decide constant stall process to engine blame namely the metabolic process of each physical quantity and the state that each time orders, include the time domain of each passageways, the spectrum of different time, the week of each spectrum heft undertakes be recorded thoroughly and be measuringed to mode, undertake be assessmented integratedly next, it is a kind of when monitor to the condition of engine most effective method. The real time that because the dynamo rotates,the record that the collection of the sound when and oscillatory signal and engine blame decide constant stall process asks to have data of much passageway, high capacity is measured, collect and the FFT analysis of much passageway of memory, high speed and visible data show, the collection of data rate wants 8 ~ 10MS/s at least, because this is feasible to can be being carried out one set can use at to the dynamo state system that monitor character, besides the gather into one of computer science department that needs to have high speed to handle ability, more important is to need to have board carry high speed memory, synchronous lock to put, high speed and hardware board blocks the DAQ that multichannel synchronism data collects. Have at present be as high as 10MS/s above high speed and synchronous data collects board card not to see more, only a few a few companies just have this crucial technology. Grind China the synchronous data of a 30MS/s that the company rolls out at present is collected muti_function card PCI - 1714 to agree with data of high high speed collects with processing application circumstance design, as it happens satisfies this requirement.

PCI - 1714 character

Grind China the high speed data of the company collects calorie of PCI-1714 is a high speed, high resolution, board the PCI data that carries high memory capacity collects card, deploy quadruplet imitate to input end, have synchronous lock to retain the function that collects with synchronism. When quadruplet imitate input is used at the same time, sampling frequency is highest can amount to 30MS/s. Have the resolution of 12 Bits, at the same time embedded converter of number of 4 independent imitate (ADC) , can make 4 channel synchronous sampling, board carry 32k FIFO memory, the person that allow to use is being done extremely when fast sampling, enough buffer can collect data for of short duration, in order to maintain the speed that signal gathers and integrality.
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