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USB data collects the application on system of engine data analysis
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As the ceaseless development of science and technology, engine power performance had advance rapidly development. To assure engine can high speed, safe move, modern engine also increased many to it the online monitoring appearance of form a complete set. These appearance can are opposite rotate speed of engine speed, diesel engine, advocate rectifier voltage, advocate pressure of crock of course of development of rectifier electric current, engine, apply the brake, train pipe pressure, lube pressure undertake detect and indication. Through staff of these measuring truck group OK and very good understanding engine runs a state currently, offer tall the easy operation of engine maintains gender and systematic security gender, easily. But some information are not to pass some of real time information to be able to get, its need and the historical data inside one calm period of time are relevant joint, through data analytic ability gets. Can be opposite through staff of these information car group the condition of engine undertakes deepness is evaluated, prevent the happening of the problem thereby or be in problem solution definitely budding condition. This namely the reason that engine data analyses a system to arise.

Design thought

In data analytic system is designed, what because hope to be able to press engine,belong to a section of a highway to have statistical government, because this analyses systematic itself,cannot install in a certain engine. Be about to solve data below this kind of circumstance real time record and data transmit a problem. Undertake counting occupying collect and be transmissioned to mobile object normally the method is to pass radio or GPRS means to finish, but these two kinds of methods are enclothed limits limitation normally by wireless information, and long-term to GPRS means system runs cost compare tall. The data that analyses systems analysis considering engine data has section sex and data to put on record sexual characteristic, the system was used put store through USB implement real time record, from line data analysis and the means that put on record. Resolved applied demand namely so, reduced applied cost again.

Online recorder

Online recorder is installation arrives in every engine, it gets engine to run the data information related condition through all sorts of sensor. These information are shown to be in by real time ground above all engine shows screen to go up, be pressed at the same time time order saves the clip that put store in. Online recorder is collected by data converter, embedded system (include the card that put store) He Xianbing is comprised 3 times, written guarantee what composition of a picture shows as follows:

Data analysis system

Analytic system finished data to read access to occupy from the card that put store, put data classify store. The data after the system passes analyse of chart means bisect undertakes indication, inquire and print. Main and alternant interface is shown as follows:
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