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Of real time database according to collecting
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Real time database (RTDB - Real Time DataBase) a branch that is database system development, database technology is united in wedlock to handle a technology to arise in real time. System of real time database is the software propping up that development controls system, data to collect system, CIMS system to wait in real time. In flow industry, system of database of many use real time undertakes controlling systematic monitoring, the system is advanced control and optimize control, the production that is an enterprise manages and attemper, data analysis, decision-making support and long-range and online browse provide real time data serves and a variety of data govern a function. Real time database has become the fundamental data platform of enterprise informatization.

A of real time database main character is real time sex, include data the sex when real time sex and work deal with concrete matters relating to work. Data the newer cycle that real time sex is spot IO data, regard real time as the database, have to consider data real time sex. The real time sex of average data basically gets spot equipment restrict, especially to a few older systems character, the circumstance is more such. The sex when work deal with concrete matters relating to work is the speed that shows the database is handled to its general affairs. It can be incident sparks means or time spark means. Once happen,incident sparks is this incident can obtain immediately attemper, this kind of incident can get be handlinged instantly, but drain systematic resource quite; And time sparking is obtain inside proper time limits attemper authority. Regard a whole real time as the database, the stability from the system and real time sex, must offer two kinds to attemper at the same time means.

Differ in the light of disparate industry the enterprise of the type, the data origin means of real time database also each are not identical. As a whole the main source of data has DCS to control the system, control system that builds by PLC of configuration software + , data to collect a system (SCADA) , equipment of hardware of relation database system, direct link and through man-machine interface. Can divide according to collection means means for: The standard MODBUS of agreement of MODBUS of the means of standard DDE communication of agreement of DDE of the standard OPC way that supports OPC agreement, support, support corresponds the means, ODBC that carries ODBC agreement corresponds means, write through API have communication kind only, through writing equipment have consultative drive only means is waited a moment.

Because real time database basically serves for large company, major case is the data that collects DCS system, so far the DCS system list with main whole world is as follows: [home's famous real time database- - solid duration of violet gold bridge occupies a library to be able to be linked together with great majority DCS]
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