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Criterion numeral occupies the constitutional health that uses network of WICBOX
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1, foreword
To make the school and broad student can know healthy level of the student in time, supervise and urge the student attends physical training actively, nurturance exercises a habit goodly, total bureau of sports of Ministry of Education, country was released formally 2000 " standard of student constitution health " , wait for a respect from function of body configuration, body, fitness the constitutional health condition of integrated assess student, this standard has been carried out generally in college of countrywide each district at present.
The sports that at present most college uses generallyTestEquipment lags behind generally, put in the defect with very much move, if work efficiency is low, workload of the member that test a person is big, test precision is not tall. This kind of test equipment that lags behind simply and test method cannot have gotten used to the actual demand of current college.
Below this kind of situation, we set out actually from the college, make full use of TS80C51U2 is odd the intelligent characteristic of a machine, designed standard of health of constitution of a student to collect terminal, to standard of student constitution healthDataUndertake be collectioned automatically, processing. With common sports test equipment photograph is compared, this collected terminal to improve the efficiency that standard of student constitution health checks greatly.

2, system is designed
Total bureau of sports of basis Ministry of Education, country " standard of student constitution health " , we design this collects terminal to be able to have a test to the following project: Experiment of proneness of body of height, weight, vital capacity, grip, seat, standing long jump, situp, step, 50 meters run. Be aimed at different test project, we are used differentSensorUndertake to different project data is collected, for example, sensor of weight of use cantilever bridge undertakes collection to student weight data, use infrared ray is not osculatory sensor to the student data of 50 meters of dash undertakes collection.
2.1 systems are formed and constitute a principle
Data collects the composition of terminal to written guarantee composition of a picture is as follows:

Data collects the compositive knot composition of a picture of terminal

Cover the amount that collects a system to use the campus that at present the college uses generally to get stuck to finish card as identity attestation carrier to identify originally. Before the test begins, read card implement read take student campus card to undertake student status attestation, data of successful square open collects attestation.
Construction of system is shown 1 times like the graph, read card implement use general M1 to read card implement, in order to reads the ID that radio frequency extraction M1 blocks. Sensor of sensor of sensor of contact of sensor of the sensor of sensor of displacement of sensor consumed bar, cantilever bridge weight, lukewarm sensor that press difference, displacement sensor, custom-built cantilever Liang Li, infrared ray blame, professional blood oxygen, infrared blame contact [3] serves as height, weight, vital capacity, seat. TLC0834 undertakes A/D is changed, TLC0834 refers the digital signal after changeover in the center of
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