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Radar catapult data collects module design
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The article gave out by PC104Form for core with AD7864RadarCatapultDataCollect the design program of module. Introduced the detailed work course that data is collected and changes.


Bar accuses travelling wave to be in charge of amplifier with its the characteristic of relatively output of tall gain, high power, low cost, be used extensively in radar catapult. As a result of it the job is in condition of high pressure, high power, pulse, must travel of inpour of voltage of various to its job, report is monitored accurately in real time, in order to ensure its stabilize the job.

Be in charge of working parameter to undertake to travelling waveMeasureWhen, need collects multichannel signal at the same time, be like voltage of bias voltage of filament electric current, bar, electric current of ionic pump electric current, cathode voltage, cathode, medicinal powder anxious electric current, the algorithm with certain repass will decide the working case that travelling wave provides. In this process, at the same time sampling checks multichannel signal catapultMonitoringOf the system decide accuracy is having very important sense.

Only a sampling maintains general A/D converter interior implement, if want to realize multichannel at the same time sampling, perhaps use many A/D converter, perhaps add additional sampling to maintain implement. AD7864 can get used to this demand, it is the converter of high accuracy A/D that at the same time sampling, order changes 4 channels, its high speed is collateral output interface can accuse machine bus line to be linked together directly with PC104 labour, PC104 answers his to change an end to interrupt access, measure accurately what plan comes true to be in charge of working parameter to multichannel travelling wave from this, have precision tall, circuit structure is simple, the characteristic with systematic low power comsumption.


The signal of frequency of appearance of a high accuracy that AD7864 is production of American ADI company, Gao Cai, low power comsumption collects chip, resolution is 12, can realize 4 passageways at the same time sampling. The changeover time of AD7846 is 1.65ms/CH, sampling maintains time to be 0.35ms, highest sampling frequency is only channel 500 KSPS. Be like 4 passageways at the same time sampling, highest sampling frequency can amount to every passageway 130 KSPS. Signal output uses 12 high speed and travel data outputs interface, do not need the processing such as n changeover, can receive MCU one after another continuously. The passageway chooses to be able to pass hardware orSoftwareCome true. Data is changed and read take can choose in-house clock mode or exterior clock mode.

AD7864 is passed cite a base / INT/EXT CLK will choose mode of working interiorly clock or exterior clock mode. In-house clock mode but the character of optimization AD7864, changeover time is 1.65ms, sampling frequency can be achieved highest. And the highest clock frequency of exterior clock mode is 5 MHz, changeover time is 2.6ms.
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