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What is video clip?
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Video clip also calls video to collect card, according to its utility can be divided collect card for broadcast class video, professional class video collects card, civil class video collects card. Their distinction basically is collected image index differs. , what broadcast class video collects card is highest collect resolution to be 768X576(mean effective value commonly) PAL is made, or 720X576(CCIR-601 is worth) PAL makes 25 frame every second, or 640X480/720X480 NTSC makes 30 frame the smallest compression ratio is in every second commonly 4:1Less than. The characteristic of this kind of product is collection picture resolution tall, video letter a confusion of voices is compared tall, defect is video file giant, minutely data bulk is 200MB at least. Signal of broadcast class imitate collects card to take heft to input output interface, use join BetaCam to photograph / videocorder, this kind of equipment is video in collecting card highest grade, use at TV station program. The function that professional class video collects the level of card to collect card than broadcast class video a little a few lower, resolution is both it is identical, but compression ratio a little a few bigger, its are the smallest compression ratio is in commonly 6:1Less than, the input outputs interface to be AV compound terminal and S terminal, this kind of product applies to program of ad firm, multimedia company and multimedia software. The dynamic resolution that civil class video collects card is general most greatly 384X288, PAL makes 25 frame every second. Additional, a kind of video takes card is more special, this is the VCD card that make, come from utility say it is to should calculate in professional class, and come up from image index say he can calculate only make civil form product.

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