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The development that case I-7000 module monitors a system in voltage of intellig
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[Summary] : The hardware that voltage of transformer substation multichannel monitors and software are designed

The voltage of transformer substation monitors data is to assess ﹑ of quality of voltage of various electrified wire netting to make voltage curve ﹑ electrified wire netting plans and arrange reasonable run mode to provide important basis to concern a section. The tension that at present home produces monitors appearance to be able to check a dot to undertake monitoring to certain only, the data that collects in real time protects existence EPROM in, because its capacity is lesser, the data of place statistic is consequently finite. The intelligent voltage that article author place develops monitors appearance is to be aimed at transformer substation of mountain of tree of bureau of industry of cable of Hunan Province Changsha to undertake designing, can come true to undertake monitoring at the same time to many loop, have statistical voltage maximum ﹑ is the smallest the ﹑ of day voltage curve that ﹑ inquires to ﹑ observation checks a place each by time prints percent of pass of the voltage that be worth ﹑ the function such as forms for reporting statistics giving day and lunar forms for reporting statistics.

One ﹑ Intelligent voltage monitors the basic function of appearance:

(1) The appearance of this intelligence voltage that monitor is put in transformer substation of mountain of tree of bureau of industry of cable of Hunan Province Changsha, the PT voltage ﹑ of two 220Kv that can realize pair of arboreous mountain transformer substation two The PT voltage of 4 10Kv and two 220V volts d.c. mix the PT voltage ﹑ of 110Kv two 380V volts d.c. undertakes real time is monitored; The appearance that monitor uses virtual value sampling to the voltage that is monitored, its sampling is periodic every second, make pretreatment memory. One minute regards a statistic as unit, take the average that the voltage pretreatment inside a minute is worth, be monitored as the delegate the system is real time run voltage actually;
(2) Have the function that inquires by time;
(3) The graph displays a function;
(4) Have the function that presses month and day statistic, the percent of pass of voltage of assessment time ﹑ that can show or prints voltage and voltage of ﹑ of time of eligible accumulative total exceed upper limit rate and voltage of ﹑ of time of corresponding accumulative total to transcend floor level rate and time of corresponding accumulative total, can store at least the data of 3 months;
(5) Have day of integral point to print, maximum and the least value reach corresponding occurrence time to print;
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