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The data of PCI bus line that is based on DSP gathers systematic research
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1 foreword

Raise those who reach its cost and price to drop considerably ceaselessly as what figure function of word signal processor, digital signal processing applies a domain to expand at full speed, signal processing entered a new development period. At the same time the ceaseless development as computer technology and internet network technology, more and more data needs have processing, memory through the computer, transmit plan an operation. The application of the computer has pervaded each corner that we live. As a result of the characteristic of computer itself, the general purpose computer is in charge of the job that asks without real time sex only normally, and unwell at undertaking real time sex asks very loud number signal is handled. the computer and DSP organic ground union rises, make full use of respective advantage, they will bring out the best in each other, the higher and higher demand that the logarithm in satisfying reality application handles ability, data to transmit ability and data government ability to put forward according to real time. PCI bus line with its numerous advantage has the effect that cannot replace in the computer, use PCI bus line to make DSP and computer communication can satisfy his to pass the requirement that be defeated to high speed data well. The article is setting with developing a system actually, it is a foundation with the PCI9052 of the TMS320VC5402 of TI company and PLX company. The data that discussed the composition of PCI bus line that is based on DSP in detail collects systematic hardware and software design program and implementation means.

2 data collect systematic hardware design

2.1 construction of system reach a principle

If the graph is shown 1 times,the data of high speed of PCI bus line that is based on DSP collects systematic structure, it basically is read by data of A/D converter, DSP take reach the part such as communication interface of processing, PCI and PC to comprise. Read through collateral I/O by DSP after sampling of A/D of imitate signal classics take, send a general purpose computer to do further processing the data after processing through PCI bus line [1] .

A/D converter uses the TLC5510 of TI company, TLC5510 runs paralell for the high speed of 8 Bit, 20 MS/s A/D converter. The TLC5510 fall in every clock edge sampling, the changeover data that this sampling nods delays lag through 2.5, in the ascendant edge output of clock, namely every changeover time of the dot is 2.5 clock cycle, once change automation line to start, there is output of data of a changeover in the ascendant edge of every clock.

The communication between DSP and computer comes true by interface circuit PCI9052. PCI9052 is a kind of when PLX company rolls out simple, efficient PCI from equipment interface, can realize a variety of peripheral of local bus line and PCI bus line interrelate. According to PCI standard, advocate equipment and from equipment differentiating is to decide data transmits bilateral visit and the ability that are visited and relation substantially. Here, the facility that PCI9052 can own capacity of bus line main control by lead plane or other only undertakes those who occupy counting read keep an operation. But because its interior has 64Byte to write FIFO and 32Byte,read FIFO, make the local bus line of PCI9052 and PCI bus line can work independently each other, supportable transmission speed is transmitted for the bolt of 132 Mb/s [2] .
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