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The letter that is based on PCI bus line makes collect the hardware design of ca
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To satisfy future wireless multimedia corresponds demand, be in early the idea that international report couplet advanced the 3rd acting mobile 1985, the manufacturer of famous and telegraphic equipment of a lot of countries and area put forward more than 10 kinds of wireless interface to suggest early or late, mix with be in harmony through talking things over adequately, formed standard of 3 big main trends finally, namely the TD-SCDMA that the CDMA2000 that the WCDMA that Europe and Japan put forward, United States puts forward and China put forward. TD-SCDMA is by Organization for Standardization of Chinese wireless communication (CWTS) the 3G that put forward and gets ITU is passed is wireless communication standard. Before real business is used, the network property that needs to pass instrument to issue pair of TD-SCDMA in real wireless environment, data is sent and receive wait for the test test and verify that has full-scale development. Developing TD-SCDMA energetically in the light of China the 3rd acting mobile (3G) system, be about to large-scale establish 3G network, do not have an indispensible experimental research and development, current situation that builds net and moving test facility however, in the world manufacturer of communication test gear rolled out the tradition to be based on CDMA2000 and WCDMA only below the circumstance of the test gear of two kinds of standards, development goes the instrument of TD-SCDMA mobile network that has own intellectual property, perfect TD-SCDMA industry catenary, fashion series product and push to the market, be sure to produce enormous social beneficial result and economic benefits.

The letter of article introduction makes collect card is us had developed those who succeeded and had mailed again in Chongqing east the data with core network test is aimed at the most important in instrument of network of TD-SCDMA of commercial of limited company of electric communication technology collects one of card.

The design reachs his to come true

1 letter makes data collects card to design train of thought

This card basically is a basis consultative choice will finish 7 to believe your data collect. Benkaji is designed at PCI, finished main function has: The data of physical layer is collected, HDLC link control. Basically finish a layer to be mixed in whole system a control of 2, the reliability with its higher demand, usability and but expansibility. The characteristic that to satisfy flow of network instrument data big, convenient user uses, we chose the HDLC controller that brings standard of standard PCI agreement oneself (MindSpeed Bt8474) , appropriative E1/T1/J1 becomes frame implement (MindSpeed Bt8370) the framework of basic soft hardware that chip and Windows 2000 regard this as card. Every board card can come true 8 stop 4 hair, software drive is based on the frame of PCI, can satisfy fast data to collect a requirement, performance is steady.
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